Nearly necrotic penis due to silicone pump increase in size

HanoiA 32-year-old man, who injected silicone into the penis to increase the size, a few days later the genitals were deformed, painful erections.

Doctor Nguyen Dinh Lien, Head of the Department of Nephrology, Urology Surgery and Andrology, Hanoi E Hospital, said on April 22 that the patient was criticized by his girlfriend for his short and small penis, so he was very self-conscious. He went to a private clinic to inject a silicone solution directly into the penis to increase its size.

When the penis is deformed due to silicone movement, the patient hesitates, so he does not go to the hospital right away. A few months later, the pain increased, the genitals were bruised, and it was difficult to erect, so he went to the hospital to check. Doctor Lien diagnosed the patient with a serious infection due to the unsecured silicone pump, late arrival at the hospital, and partial skin necrosis. The surgeon removes the entire silicone patch, removes the infected skin and takes the skin to reshape the penis.

According to Doctor Lien, many men have a need to “refurbish” their genitals to increase their confidence before their partner, prolong love and increase pleasure. Someone really has a size problem, being smaller or shorter than usual; some others have sunken malformations, or short due to belly fat…

Medicine applies many techniques to change the size of the penis such as placing permanent balls, autologous fat injection, silicone pumps… These techniques, if carried out in unsafe facilities, will cause infection, pain during intercourse. Even foreign bodies can be left in the vagina of a sexual partner, which is very dangerous.

Explaining the mechanism of injecting silicone into the penis, Dr. Lien said that liquid silicone will deteriorate in many ways. Depending on the location, the injection dose, the number of injections and the injection technique, the reaction can happen fast or slow, severe or mild. After entering the body, silicon penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue of the penis, mildly causing pain, erectile dysfunction, making it difficult for patients to have sex; More severe cases can cause deformity, even necrosis. In case the silicone spreads down to the scrotum, leading to necrosis of the testicles, the patient also faces the risk of infertility.

Doctors recommend not going to clinics, underground cosmetic facilities to pump silicone. Ideally, if you want to be beautiful, go to the plastic surgery and plastic surgery department at a reputable hospital for specific advice from a doctor.

Thuy Quynh


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