Nearly 500 foreign reporters cover the SEA Games, a golden opportunity to promote Vietnam

Mr. Doan Khac Viet, Deputy Director of the Press Information Department, Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave an interview on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games Press Center today.


Time is urgent

Sir, in the past, Vietnam has successfully organized many important international events such as APEC, the US-North Korea Summit. SEA Games 31 can be considered the first important international event directly taking place in Vietnam after the prolonged Covid epidemic. Up to this point, how many foreign reporters have participated and come to Vietnam to report?

The 31st Southeast Asian Games SEA Games is an international event with a very large scale, the first time after the pandemic to be directly held in our country. The organizing committee, including many ministries and branches, participated.

We also immediately identified the very important task of this SEA Games, especially when the event took place in the post-pandemic context, we both lifted travel restrictions and reopened. to attract international friends to come as well as international tourists to come for economic recovery.

Therefore, we identify this as a very important opportunity, both to enhance mutual understanding among countries, especially within ASEAN, and to propagate and promote a good and friendly image. friendly, beautiful landscapes of Vietnam for friends in five continents. Foreign reporters registering to participate in reporting on this event is not small, although the preparation time is very short.

We have just over 1 month to prepare all the work; Of course, there are many companion subcommittees to “run” this program together. Particularly from the perspective of the Information and Communication Subcommittee, we have opened and received registrations from foreign reporters entering Vietnam to report including 10 Southeast Asian countries as well as other countries outside the region.

According to statistics, up to now, we have licensed registration for nearly 500 foreign reporters, most of which are registered through the National Olympic Committee; A department registers directly through the website of the Organizing Committee.

Create the most favorable conditions for reporters to work

With a relatively large number of foreign reporters, accommodation and travel must be ensured, and the most favorable conditions for reporters to work, is the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs facing any difficulties, dealing with difficulties? What are the difficulties and obstacles in the process of creating conditions for reporters to work?

The time to prepare, receive registration as well as license and issue cards for reporters to work, is of course because the time is too short and another factor is after the pandemic, so we have a number of regulations to be adjusted. adjusted to suit and create the most favorable conditions for reporters.

Mr. Doan Khac Viet, Deputy Director of Information and Press Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the side of the Press Information Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we also work closely with the Organizing Committee, especially the Information and Propaganda Subcommittee. We directly advise the subcommittee to establish a press center, inspect, supervise and operate this press center to soon put the press center into operation in a timely manner, serving the needs of the media. news from domestic and foreign reporters.

How will the preparation and operation of the press center be?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has many units participating in supporting the Organizing Committee and after receiving the request of the Organizing Committee of this congress, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the leaders of the Ministry directly direct the establishment of a working group. supporting the Organizing Committee including many units in the Ministry. For example, Department of Information and Press, Department of Consular Affairs, Department of State Protocol, Department of ASEAN, Department of Foreign Cultural Affairs of UNESCO… All of us, each field, each professional participate in the Organizing Committee. .

From the perspective of the Press Information Department, we also regularly meet with the Organizing Committee, especially the Information and Communication Subcommittee to advise and advise, to establish the Press Center and put it into operation in a timely manner. time for opening day today.

Image of Vietnam determined to recover from the pandemic

How do you evaluate the opportunity to communicate and promote Vietnam’s image to the world through the organization of the 31st SEA Games, especially now that we are trying to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic?

This is a huge and precious opportunity for us. Because after quite a long time of the pandemic, we have very few opportunities to welcome international friends, especially foreign press to directly visit, attend events and experience life as well as find out more about the world. understand the country and people of Vietnam. Thereby conveying the good images of Vietnam in its efforts to open up and its determination to recover from the pandemic.

In addition to creating favorable conditions for reporters to cover the SEA Games according to the program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant agencies organize additional programs so that foreign reporters can learn about Vietnam and Hanoi as well as other provinces. Organize sports competitions?

As a member of the Organizing Committee, we advise the Organizing Committee, especially the Information and Communication Subcommittee, and coordinate with other ministries and sectors, such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Contact with the relevant localities where sports events take place. The parties make every effort to organize many free tours to bring reporters outside of working time, if possible, to visit unique local landscapes.

Up to now, we have received information from many localities registering to organize a free tour program for foreign reporters, especially Quang Binh. Quang Binh province today will introduce at the opening ceremony of the Press Center a sightseeing program such as visiting Son Doong cave and other scenic spots of the province.

What about the role of the National Convention Center in the preparation and operation of the Sea Game 31 Press Center, sir?

Less than a month, specifically on April 28, we received the decision to establish the Press Center. Before that, of course, we were prepared. Despite such urgent time, we have received very active and professional support from the National Convention Center.

Setting up a large international press center, serving more than 2,000 domestic and international reporters requires a very large, synchronous and timely workspace and equipment. The National Convention Center has actively supported us in meeting and creating working conditions for reporters.

Duc Bao – Duc Yen


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