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Nearly 50 graves of Ahmadi community desecrated in Pakistan, claims community member

Lahore, Around 50 graves have been desecrated allegedly by police and Muslim religious leaders at a cemetery of the Ahmadi community in Pakistan’s Punjab province. A member of an organization representing the minority community said this on Monday.

Jamaat Ahmadiyya Punjab spokesperson Amir Mahmood said a group of people in Premkot in Hafizabad district, about 110 km from Lahore, approached the police with a complaint that pillars near several graves in Ahmadi community cemeteries had Islamic verses inscribed on them. Huh. He said the group threatened that Ahmadis could not display Islamic verses/symbols on their homes or tombs.

“On Sunday, police, accompanied by local religious leaders and lawyers, reached the Ahmadi cemetery and demolished the pillars near 45 graves,” Mahmood said. On the other hand, the police said that the pillars were removed from the tomb on the request of a group of lawyers and warned that Ahmadis may not use it in future.

Such incidents have happened before
There have been several incidents in different parts of Pakistan where in the past the graves of members of the Ahmadi community were desecrated by religious fanatics.

In 1974, the Parliament of Pakistan declared the Ahmadi community to be non-Muslim. A decade later, he was banned from calling himself a Muslim. He has been banned from preaching and traveling to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage.

In Pakistan, out of 220 million population, about 10 million are non-Muslims. Minorities in conservative Muslim-majority Pakistan often complain of persecution by extremists.

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