Nearly 140 pregnant women in Ho Chi Minh City receive Covid-19 vaccine

Nearly 140 pregnant women over 13 weeks pregnant were vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine, on the first day Hung Vuong Hospital deployed vaccination for pregnant women.

Associate Professor, Doctor, Doctor Hoang Thi Diem Tuyet, Director of Hung Vuong Hospital, on August 12, said that the hospital started to inject Covid-19 vaccine for pregnant women from 13 weeks of pregnancy who came to visit and in need. vaccination, after being distributed the vaccine by the HCM City Department of Health last night.

According to Dr. Tuyet, about two months ago, the number of pregnant women infected with Covid-19 was very small, but recently the number of hospitalizations for Covid-19 is very high. The Covid-19 treatment area in the model of a “split” hospital here has 120 beds but always receives 180 to 200 cases.

Initially, this place only accepted cases with indications for intervention of pregnant women infected with Covid-19, pregnant women over 38 weeks. After that, many women who are pregnant in the earlier weeks are brought in with respiratory failure, doctors receive treatment when the condition is stable, then move to a lower floor. In total, the hospital has received about 600 pregnant women with Covid-19 so far.

“At one time, the hospital treated more than 200 patients who were pregnant women with Covid-19, of which about 10% of the patients had severe complications or were in critical condition,” said Doctor Tuyet. This place belongs to the 4th floor in the 5-storey tower treatment model of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Dr. Tuyet, pregnant women have more oxygen needs than usual, so when infected with Covid-19, the lungs are easily damaged, causing shortness of breath and rapid respiratory failure, if not timely intervention will endanger the life of both mother and child. little.

Employees of Hung Vuong Hospital give pregnant women a Covid-19 vaccine, on August 12. Photo: Hospital provided.

Leaders of Hung Vuong Hospital said that in the past time, when implementing vaccination for the whole population, the group of pregnant and lactating women was in the delay group. This is a fact that is appropriate because in the early stages when the new vaccine is put into use, there is no specific study and assessment of unwanted effects on pregnant women or the vaccine has long-term effects on the fetus or fetus. are not.

Currently, most of the world’s major obstetrics and gynecological associations and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that pregnant women receive the Covid-19 vaccine to protect the health of mother and baby. During the outbreak, the number of pregnant women infected with Covid-19 is as high as today, experts have recommended the Ministry of Health consider Covid-19 vaccination for pregnant women. The plan was approved by the Ministry of Health and has a guiding document dated 10/8.

Accordingly, pregnant women from 13 weeks or more belong to the group that need to be vaccinated with caution, the health facility must explain the benefits and risks and sign a commitment to agree to the injection and transfer to the facility with an obstetric emergency for injection. . Women less than 13 weeks pregnant belong to the category of delay vaccination. Pregnant and lactating women are only contraindicated with the Sputnik V vaccine.

Hung Vuong Hospital is a specialized hospital for obstetrics and gynecology at the last line of Ho Chi Minh City and the southern region, next to Tu Du Hospital. It is expected that Tu Du Hospital will administer the Covid-19 vaccine to pregnant women from August 13.

Le Phuong