Nearly 1,000 people in Ho Chi Minh City came into contact with 5 patients in the restaurant cluster

Ho Chi Minh City on May 26 identified 985 people in contact with 5 patients belonging to the family of the owner of the restaurant O Thanh living in District 3, most of the results were negative for nCoV.

The chain of infection at O ​​Thanh cake shop consists of a mother and two children living in the same house (“patient 4780″, 4781, 4782, recorded on May 20), two F1 living separately visiting only grandchildren (” patient 5329 “, discovered on May 24) and daughter (” patient 5463 “, on May 25).

According to the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, out of 83 F1 of the owner, 4 children and grandchildren were positive above, and 79 people were negative. Other contact areas have 775 people, currently 766 people are negative, 9 people are waiting for results.

18 F1 and 14 other exposures with case 4781; 36 F1 and 18 other exposures on case 4782, all negative.

Of the 8 F1s of the 18-month-old baby, currently 7 people are negative, one is waiting for the results. With the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, 22 F1 tested negative, 11 other contacts are waiting for test results.

Expanding the test related to the chain of 5 patients above, the health sector took a sample of 1,019 people, all negative. Currently, the city is taking a second sample of 106 people, of which 56 are negative, 50 are waiting for results.

The results of viral gene sequencing of the hostess and one of her two children recorded the British variant B.1.1.7. The health sector continues to trace the source of this chain’s transmission. Health officials pointed out three possible sources of infection for the patient’s mother and child, from Da Nang, guests to a restaurant or a silent source of “remnants” during the Hai Duong epidemic.

The area of ​​the alley where the owner of the restaurant owner O Thanh was blocked, at noon May 20, after the first case was recorded. Image: Dinh Van.

On the evening of May 26, the city recorded a suspected Covid-19 case, a 38-year-old woman living in Hoc Mon, working in Phu Nhuan, taking a Covid-19 screening sample while examining at Gia Dinh People’s Hospital. , positive result nCoV, waiting for confirmation.

Last week, Ho Chi Minh City recorded a chain of two colleagues from the same company in District 3, with “patient 4514” – a young man living in Thu Duc City, “patient 4583” – a woman living in District 7, recorded on the 18th. /5. These two patients were infected with the Indian variant, the source of infection was identified from Hai Phong, because “patient 4583” returned to his hometown for 12 days during the holiday.

As of May 23, Ho Chi Minh City had vaccinated Covid-19 for more than 64,000 people, of which more than 55,000 gave the first shot; nearly 9,000 people injected the second dose. Post-injection reactions are monitored. One case of anaphylaxis, after 2 days of injection on May 10 but was fine, the rest were all stable.

Ho Chi Minh City is planning to receive and list the third phase of vaccination from the supply of the Ministry of Health of 73,900 doses.

Le Phuong