NCoV re-positive patient is pregnant

peaceful“Patient 2148” was re-positive after three days of discharge, 34 weeks pregnant, and healthy.

Exchange with VnExpress On the morning of March 8, Dr. Luu Thi Anh Tuyet, Thai Binh Center for Disease Control (CDC), said that the patient had no abnormal health symptoms, was isolated and monitored at the Provincial General Hospital. Peaceful.

“Patient 2148”, born in 1982, Taiwanese nationality, lives in Phuc Khanh village, Vu Phuc commune, Thai Binh city, Thai Binh province. She entered Vietnam on January 28 at Tan Son Nhat airport, immediately quarantined, on February 11, she was recorded positive for nCoV, treated at Cu Chi Field Hospital for treatment until March 3. announced from.

Noon 6/3, this person moved from Tan Son Nhat airport to Cat Bi airport (Hai Phong) on ​​flight VN1188, with 159 passengers. From the airport, her family arranged a private car ride to Lung Hospital, Thai Binh. If the CDC takes a test sample, re-positive results, it should be isolated immediately.

Hai Phong Department of Health reviewed and identified 10 F1 and 46 F2 traveling on the same flight, the test results were negative once. The F1 continued to be isolated at home for full 14 days, taking samples for testing. The F2 was removed from isolation, monitored for health for the next 14 days and re-tested when symptoms showed up.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Vietnam has recorded dozens of re-positive cases, no cases of community infection. Experts believe that it is possible that the remains of the virus in the human body have disappeared from Covid-19, leading to re-positive test results. Therefore, reinfection people do not have the risk of community infection. However, to prevent the epidemic, the re-positive cases are handled according to the case procedure, and must return to the hospital for follow-up and further treatment. Contact persons and areas are sealed, quarantined, and disinfected.

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