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National security advisor of PM Imran Khan said – Pakistan’s wrong image in the world, ready to talk to India

Pakistan, which was isolated in front of India’s diplomacy, is now constantly talking about peace. First Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and then PM Imran Khan reiterated the talk of peace with India. Now Moed W., Special Assistant to the National Security Division of the Pakistani Prime Minister. Yousef is also seen talking something similar. He said that economic stability cannot come in the region without peace.

Yusuf said that he wants to tell the world that the first goal of the PM of Pakistan is to make peace with all in the region. He said that economic security cannot come without peace. He said that when our Prime Minister took office, he said that if India takes one step towards peace, then we will take two steps forward.

Yusuf further said that Pakistan wants to connect Central Asia. He wants to connect to the East. He said that Pakistan wants all countries to come and invest there. Turkey, Russia wants to come and invest there. He said peace on the border is important. He said that the image against Pakistan in the West has been misconstrued. But when they come here and go after it, then they actually have a deal here.

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