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NASA’s InSight mission revealed the internal structure of Mars, know how deep it is

The search for life on Mars continues. Meanwhile, for the first time, scientists have obtained comprehensive information about the inner layers of the planet. The InSight lander of the US space agency NASA has explored the core, mantle and crust of Mars. With the help of earthquake data on Mars, evidence of layers present below the surface have been found 41 miles away. NASA’s InSight lander has been working on Mars since 2018. But after the end of its charge in February this year, the work stopped.

The dust flying on Mars started sitting on the solar panels of the lander, due to which it could not be recharged. The inner layers have been studied by the University of Cologne, the California Institute of Technology and ETH Zurich using data from InSight. Scientists kept taking information from the earthquakes on Mars for two years and kept analyzing the data. For information about the structure of Mars, it was necessary to take information about seismic waves at more than one place on Mars. But InSight is in one place on Mars. So the researchers started analyzing the characteristics of seismic waves that are created when different parts interact.

University of Cologne gave this big information

According to a study by the University of Cologne and NASA’s JPL, the crust beneath the InSight landing site is 12 to 24 miles thick. This is the first time that scientists have extracted information about the size and composition of the Red Planet’s core, its crust and its mantle. For this, the scientists analyzed the seismic waves that had reflected from the interior of the planet, which were caught by InSight’s seismometer.

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