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NASA Perseverance Rover Landing Video: First Perspective footage of Mars sent by NASA Persistence Rover, watch video

Mars Landing: US space agency ‘NASA’ has shared a video of the latest footage of Mars. This video has been sent by NASA’s Persistence Rover from Mars. With the help of parachute, the rover has captured a moment of landing on the red earth of Mars. Four days ago, ie on February 19, the Perceived Rover successfully landed on Mars seven months after takeoff from the Earth.

What do you see in the video?

A record 25 camera surveillance rover has captured the red gravel earth of Mars from different angles. For the first time such a video of Satak of Mars has come out. According to the video, the surface of Mars is rugged. Large pits are also seen from time to time on the surface.

Looking at Mars, it looks as if there is a desert. As the rover comes closer to the surface of Mars, due to the winds being thrown from its jet, the soil starts flying rapidly on the surface. This video is from when the rover is just 20 meters from Satak. The eight wheels of the rover start to open as soon as Satak comes close and within a few seconds the rover lands on the surface of Mars.

Perseverance will search for water on Mars

Let us know that Perseverance will work to make oxygen on Mars by carbon dioxide and will search for water on Mars. Also, Mars will study the signs of life under the ground. Perseverance will also study the weather and climate of Mars.

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