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NASA Helicopter takes flight to Mars, aircraft for the first time on another planet

The US space agency NASA has made a new leap of success. A small NASA helicopter successfully flew from the surface of Mars in the early hours of Monday. This is the first time an aircraft has taken off on another planet. NASA officials compared it to the arrival of the Wright Brothers in 1903 for the first time.

NASA said that at around three thirty in the night, carbon fiber blades started roaming and the helicopter named Ingenyuti flew upwards leaving the surface of the red planet. After a height of about 10 feet, it landed back and it was all about 30 seconds.

This American helicopter named Ingenuity will be able to fetch data from places on Mars where the rover cannot reach. The first compliment to fly the helicopter was set on 11 April. However, after that the flight was halted due to technical problem many times.

Ingenuity’s flight to Mars is an important success of NASA. The robotic rotor craft helicopter was sent to Mars with the Rover Perseverance attached. The rover arrived at the Gijero crater on 18 February. Figures will begin to be received about a quarter to three hours after the helicopter takes off.

It is worth noting that in the month of February, the US space agency NASA created history by taking down the Perseverance Rover on the surface of Mars. Now the Ingenuity helicopter flew on Mars for the first time.

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