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Nantes: a teacher sentenced to thirty months suspended for “violence” on students

A teacher from Carquefou, near Nantes, was sentenced on Monday, August 29, to a permanent ban on practicing the profession and to thirty months in prison, suspended for “violence” practiced on many of his students.

The Nantes Criminal Court also found the teacher guilty of “moral harassment” on several of his colleagues, including the director of the Saint-Joseph school, an establishment in the north of the Nantes metropolis.

For the students, “certainly a relief”

“I always think of the children who have suffered. We had a lot of testimonies after the trial of other children. So I think for them it’s definitely a relief.”, said the director, Philippe Plantard, specifying that the children concerned were educated in elementary school. In its decision, in accordance with the requisitions of the public prosecutor, the court also condemned the teacher to pay several thousand euros in damages to the victims.

“What was reproached to this school teacher was a way of treating children that was sometimes physically abrupt, and it was above all repeated humiliations going as far as the crying of the child, with a pedagogical alibi that does not can no longer be retained today”, indicated Me Cécile de Oliveira, who was defending the family of one of the schoolchildren.

“‘Ordinary educational violence’ is unacceptable”

“It’s a judgment that is quite strong because, symbolically, it comes to signify very clearly that the behavior of what is called ‘ordinary educational violence’ is unacceptable in the school world”, she greeted.

“The most important thing for us was the ban on practicing. We feel a huge relief for the children,” reacted Claire, whose daughter Juliette was among the victims. The teacher has ten days to appeal the court’s decision.


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