Nanocovax vaccine is 52% effective – VnExpress

The Covid-19 vaccine research team Nanocovax reported that the protective efficacy of the 25 mcg dose was 52% – averaged over the entire clinical study period.

The results were presented by the vaccine research team at a meeting with the National Ethics Council in Biomedical Research (referred to as the Ethics Council) on December 29. The meeting aimed to evaluate the protective efficacy in the clinical trial of the Nanocovax vaccine.

According to the research team, similar to other Covid-19 vaccines, the protective effect of Nanocovax decreases over time. On days 42-90 after injection, the protective effect reached 86.7%, after 120 days of injection to 78.5% and decreased to 51.6% after 180 days. The protection against severe progression was 92%, and the protection against death was 100%. Overall, for the entire study period, the vaccine’s protective efficacy was 52.1%. Most of the Covid-19 cases who received the Nanocovax vaccine had mild symptoms, while the placebo group had many severe infections.

Answer VnExpress On the evening of December 29, a representative of the Ethics Council said that the meeting results were positive. The specific conclusions of the panel for the Nanocovax vaccine will be announced by the Ministry of Health later.

On December 16, the Ethics Committee assessed Nanocovax to continue to meet the requirements for safety and immunogenicity, based on an updated report, supplementing the midterm results of the phase three to 30 clinical trial. /11; at the same time allowing Nanocovax testers to inject other Covid-19 vaccines.

In September, the Council approved the mid-term report of the third phase of the vaccine trial, allowing the results to be used in the emergency licensing application. The company Nanogen (vaccine research unit) has applied for an emergency license for Nanocovax but has not been approved. Vaccines also need to be approved by the Advisory Council for the issuance of circulation registration certificates of drugs and medicinal ingredients, the Ministry of Health.

Nanocovax is Vietnam’s first Covid-19 vaccine in clinical trials, prepared by recombinant technology, using the most appropriate harmless antigen fragments (proteins) of nCoV to stimulate immune response. suitable translation. The vaccine is in a third phase trial in 14,000 people at a dose level of 25 mcg.

Nanocovax vaccine at the factory of Nanogen Company in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Quynh Tran



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