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Naftali Bennett government came in minority in Israel due to mere leavened bread

The problems of the Naftali Bennett government in Israel have increased. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government has been reduced to a minority in the 120-member house after Israel’s ruling coalition whip resigned on religious grounds on Wednesday. In such a situation, the possibility of elections in the country has increased within a year of Bennett taking office. Idit Silman, of Prime Minister Bennett’s Yamina party, announced her resignation over the question of “Jewish values” following a dispute over food rules. Silman said in a letter to the prime minister that she could no longer serve in a coalition that is against the values ​​dear to all of us.

Naftali Bennett government came in minority due to yeast bread

Idit Silman also urged the Prime Minister to join hands with the right-wing parties. The coalition has only 60 members in the 120-member parliament, the Knesset. Bennett’s government will remain in power even after a member’s resignation from the coalition, but it will face serious challenges in legislating on key issues. Silman has opposed the permission for people to bring leavened bread and other food items to government hospitals. These food products are prohibited according to religious tradition. For some devout Jewish people, the presence of such food items in a hospital is not in accordance with religious tradition. Silman had a public debate with Health Minister Nitjan Horowitz on this issue.

The government’s problems increased due to the resignation of the coalition whip

Horowitz allowed such products in hospitals during a major Jewish festival. In Egypt, the festival is celebrated on the occasion of the freedom of the people of Israel from slavery. For some devout Jews, the presence of such foods in the hospital is not in line with Jewish tradition. However, the Supreme Court of the country ruled in 2021 that hospitals cannot stop people from doing so. There are eight political parties in the ruling coalition. In which from Islamist to conservative nationalist and liberal. All these parties came together to oppose former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Parliament is still not in session and it is not clear whether the opposition will have enough support to move a no-confidence motion. However, if the government does not have a majority, elections will be held in Israel for the fifth time in three years.

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