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Myanmar Landslide: Over 70 people missing in a landslide in a mine in Myanmar

Myanmar Landslide: There has been a horrific accident in a mine in Myanmar. According to media reports, at least 70 people are said to be missing in Wednesday’s landslide at a jade mine in northern Myanmar. Relief and rescue teams are busy in the landslide-prone area. A member of the rescue team told the media that a landslide occurred around 4 am in which around 70-100 people are missing.

More than 70 people missing due to landslide in mine

Many people are said to be injured due to the landslide. According to sources, 25 injured have been taken to the hospital. About 200 rescue workers are engaged in relief work. Some people are using boats to search for missing people in a nearby lake. Rescue operation is going on in the mine. However, not much is known about the loss of life and property.

Landslides at around 4 am on Wednesday

An official of the Kachin Network Development Foundation said that the landslide occurred around 4 am in the Hpakant area of ​​Kachin State and it was feared that around 80 people were washed away in the lake by mining waste. went. The officers reached the spot around 7 am and are conducting searches. The Hapakant area is said to be the center of Myanmar’s jade industry.

Every year people die due to landslides

Fatal landslides and other accidents are common in Hpakant’s poorly regulated mines. Last week, six people were killed during a landslide. A large number of migrant laborers work in the jade mines. The ousted government of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi had made many promises about the industry after taking power in 2016, but nothing happened. In July last year, more than 170 people, many of them migrants, were killed when mining waste fell into a lake in Hapakant.


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