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Myanmar: China’s hand may be behind the coup

Can China do the trick behind the military coup in Myanmar? On this big question, the suspense remains. But after the coup, there is some evidence that deepens the suspicion that China may have a hand in the coup in Myanmar, India’s neighboring country. According to information received by ABP News, China has sent a special cyber team Rangoon to crush the movement in Myanmar which will work to monitor and control propaganda running on social media against the government (‘military-junta’).

ABP News has received information from reliable sources that on 10–11 February, a Chinese cyber team has arrived in Rangoon city of Myanmar from the city of Kunming in Greece. The aim of this Chinese team is to monitor and control Myanmar’s cyberspace.

China specializes in crushing the civil movement

According to the information, China’s military-junta (military-rule) had urged China for this cyber team. Because China has mastered the crush of such civil movements and the Chinese government has great control over the Internet in China. The main task of this cyber team that reached Myanmar is to stop the online movement, propaganda and other activities against the military pride.

Let me tell you that recently the Myanmar Army (‘Tatmada’) has taken over the government by overthrowing the democratically elected government. At the same time, the government representatives including Myanmar’s biggest leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, have been put in jail. The army alleges that in the recent elections in Myanmar, Suu Kyi said that the party was rigged in a tremendous way. That is why, the army has taken over power by removing the government.

What is the reason for the coup

In fact, a major reason for this coup is believed to be reducing the military’s share and dominance in the government (the old government which has overthrown). Because, in the recent election, Aung San Suu Kyi’s party was able to form the government without the help of the army. That is why it is believed that the Myanmar army has done this coup. In fact, in the year 2011, when democracy was restored after a long military rule in Myanmar (Burma), the army made a provision in the constitution that whichever party comes to power, it will have to give 30 percent of its participation to the army.

Myanmar has a long history of military rule. After independence from England in 1948, in 1962, the army was toppled the government for the first time. Since then till 2011, the army has ruled this neighboring country of India. But after ten years of democracy, the army has been in power once since then.

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