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Myanmar blown by repression of military dictatorship, 39 people killed in action on Sunday – report

The situation in Myanmar is constantly deteriorating. Here, the whole of Myanmar has burnt down due to the repression of dictatorship. Significantly, since the coup, there is a fierce struggle between the army and civilians. The ruckus continued here on Sunday too. Security personnel opened fire on demonstrators in Halingathya area of ​​the capital Yangon and other cities. In which 39 people are being claimed death from across the country.

People are angry against China

After the military coup in February, Sunday is the darkest day in the history of Myanmar. According to news agency Reuters, 39 people have died in Myanmar, including 22 people in Halingathya, Yangon, in military action. People of Myanmar allege that China is behind the coup, so people are angry against China.

More than 100 people have been killed since the coup

On Sunday, two Chinese factories in Hellingathya area were set ablaze by demonstrators, in response to which military action claimed 39 deaths, the highest in a day, significantly, after the coup in February. More people have been killed. At the same time, the protesters have also threatened to blow up the pipeline of natural gas going to China. Slogans were raised against China in many places, due to which the Chinese living here are in a lot of panic.

Martial law imposed in Hellingthaya

Meanwhile, Myanmar government TV has also given information about the imposition of martial law on behalf of the military dictatorship in Hellingathaya. Explain that earlier on Saturday, 13 demonstrators were shot dead by security personnel. At the same time, according to the Political Prisoners Advocacy Group, so far more than 2100 people have been taken to non-inheritance.

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