My Wife’s Story, Infernal Affairs, Notre-Dame Burns… Movies to See or Avoid This Week

A fresco from the Roaring Twenties, the restored version of Hong Kong classics, a docufiction that is too pompous… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

My Wife’s Story To have

Romantic drama by Idiko Enyedi, 2h49

We bet? Jakob will marry the first woman to enter this cafe. Her boyfriend shrugs. His skepticism will not last: after a false alarm, Léa Seydoux pushes the door. The ship’s captain asks for her hand. She agrees. Such were the encounters in the Nordic countries during the 1920s. The Hungarian Ildiko Enyedi (My XXand century) has a wild faith in the magic of cinema, adapts a book by his compatriot Milan Füst. You roll around in it like in a comforter, with greed and admiration. What a breath! This nostalgia. The ending literally jumps out at you. Beauty, remember? IN

Five stories from the brain To have

Documentary by Jean-Stéphane Bron, 1h43

In five stories, the documentary filmmaker of Cleveland versus Wall Street (2010) and The Opera (2017) installs a reflection around current questions, which can cause a terrifying vertigo. The red thread consists in revealing the intimate side of these researchers. The father-son relationship, companionship with a dog or the arrival of a baby in the family… Through the frailties of these men and women the strength of their discoveries emerges. We then understand that the apocalypse of science fiction films where the evil AI want to annihilate humanity is not for tomorrow… OD

Infernal Affairs – To have

Crime film by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, 1:40

Twenty years later, Infernal Affairs, by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, is released in theaters in a restored version. This jewel of the Hong Kong thriller reminds us that the former British colony, returned to China in 1997, has not always been a sanitary prison. A mob boss has infiltrated the police with one of his men. A commissioner had the same idea by sending one of his agents to the mobsters. Moles are playing cat and mouse on the streets of Kowloon or in underground parking lots. The two men try to unmask themselves, suffering more and more from their double identity, a metaphor for a schizophrenic island. The sequel, in the form of a “prequel”, takes place before the retrocession. The last part is unpublished in theaters. It’s time to rehabilitate it or bury it permanently. ES

between the waves – You can see

Drama by Anaïs Volpé, 1 h 40

Two apprentice actresses held by the passion of the trade audition to obtain their first role. The illness of one will upset their common destiny, but not their close friendship. Deborah Lukumuena (Robust) and Souheila Yacoub (Low floor) breathlessly embody these two hair-raising amazons in this effervescent, but sometimes a little too tearful first film. OD

tightrope walker – You can see

Documentary by Ilan Klipper, 1h15

Portraits of women and men at the “tender madness”. Reclusive in their apartment or in a psychiatric hospital, they try as best they can to stay in tune with reality. Yoann, a big fellow from the suburbs, couldn’t stand his family’s downgrading. He recounts a humiliation experienced in high school, repeats bits of sentences to silence the voices that harass him. Dawn loves dancing and punks, we see her having a cup of tea, putting it down, taking it, putting it down. Director Ilan Klipper, who knows the subject of psychiatry for having made a film on Sainte-Anne Hospital, lets these singular personalities speak. No voiceover, no analysis, little context: he refrains from giving us the keys to understanding them. We find ourselves a bit alone. BP

Notre Dame is burning – You can see

Drama by Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1 h 50

Jean-Jacques Annaud and fire is a long story. In 1981, The fire warhis adaptation of the prehistoric novel by Rosny aîné, propels the director of Headbutt to the status of adventurous filmmaker, cramped in French cinema. This is verified in Notre Dame is burning , story of this Monday, April 15, 2019, when the flames devoured the cathedral before the eyes of the whole world. To give extra soul to this material destruction, Annaud makes a tear run down the face of the statue of the Virgin or lingers on onlookers praying around the square. This is not enough to make Notre Dame is burningsomething other than a docufiction mixing archival images and reconstructions, in a firefighter style that we can consider very appropriate. ES

Full time – To avoid

Drama by Eric Gravel, 1h25

Julie is on the run. She gets up early in the morning to drop her children off at the neighbour. She promises that she will find a solution. She lives in the countryside and works in a Parisian palace. She barely has time to get on a train to be on time and put on her uniform. French cinema sometimes resembles a catalog of socio-economic turpitudes. We think of Our battles, by Guillaume Senez, in which Laure Calamy also played. Romain Duris was planted overnight by his wife. He was left alone trying to raise his children and continue his work in an online retail warehouse. By disappearing, his wife said more about the mental load than Julie running around. ES


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