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“My grandson has a dream, later he will open a restaurant”

The most greedy of our grandsons is only ten years old, but in his head, the dream becomes clear: later, he will open a restaurant. The ideal would be to install the establishment at mum and dad but, I do not know for what reason, that does not suit. So it will be with us, his grandparents. Theo does not set his sights on the house at random. He thought about it! At least in general terms.

So there you have it: the dining room will occupy the entire ground floor. He will keep our kitchen, although it is cramped. Two friends from school will be on board but – keep this to yourself – I’m not sure they know about it yet. Théo reserves the role of butler for himself. One of his comrades, because of the smile he always displays, will welcome the customers. And the other will be in charge.

Naivety and realism

This is not the first time that grandchildren have dreamed of a restaurant they would open. A few years ago, between cousins, they had cooked up a whole meal for us one evening. Prepared and served, of course. They had even planned the sign, drawn by one of the elders. This ephemeral table was called “Delicious Resto”! The name was displayed for a while.

Not long ago, at Christmas, the family brigade reoffended but by very small teams – Covid obliges. A real success! Another time, on the occasion of our wedding anniversary, one of our granddaughters volunteered to prepare the meal. Friends got the same attention… one Valentine’s Day.

When I ask Theo what fate he has in store for us, us whose house will therefore be requisitioned, I obviously have fun. This is not a “for real” question. But he is not kidding. He sees himself in his restaurant, he projects himself there. If he does not consider all the issues, of course, he sees a number already. In his little mind of ten years, naivety and realism go hand in hand.

Take early vocations seriously

On this childish dream, which at times monopolizes his thoughts and conversations and in advance gives him so much joy, the grandparents that we are look tender and amused. Early vocations can be found, they must be taken seriously.

For his birthday, we gave Théo a lunch at the application restaurant of an apprentice training center – it was before confinement. Clever and insightful, the teacher who supervised the meal, gave our grandson a tour of the kitchens. You should have seen the smile of the latter on his return from the wings!

No one can say what will happen to this dream. His parents will know how to support their boy as and when it is necessary. For our part, without trying to influence things, we will try to remain attentive to the project. On his next visit to the house, Theo may want to test himself again in the kitchen or in the table service. It will always be a pleasure. Adventure is around the corner.

“Say grandfather”, Yves Durand’s blog


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