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My grandchildren are vegans, what do I do?

Grills, barbecue… Good smells, synonymous with sunny days, we were on the lookout for them. They are finally starting to spread over the hedges of our gardens, or, sometimes less discreet, from one balcony to another.

Their return does not only make people happy. The proof :

– I want to become a vegetarian. Dad told me he was okay when I turn 18!

My grandson sees far, and sensitive to the father’s words, seems ready to show a lot of patience by his majority, not before ten years anyway! He is only eight years old … All in all, the dad played well: he takes his request seriously, without making fun of it and without opposing it a definitive no. He only encourages her to mature her choice. In the meantime, the son will continue to eat everything …

New questions at the table

Parents of tweens or teens surely have less leeway when the case arises. Gone are the days when the family walked in step and ate at the table in unison. So many influences come across the education received at home and at school that our children or grandchildren, through their behavior, put us in unprecedented situations.

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Fifteen or twenty years ago, vegetarians surely had followers among children and young people, but these still reflected the decision of the parents. Those of today more often state a personal choice.

We’re not gonna get mad about that

“How, didn’t you know? Sometimes, it is by chance, at the table, that grandparents suddenly discover that their granddaughter, or their grandson, has become vegetarian or downright vegan. The latter is not satisfied with a diet without meat or fish, he refuses to use in his daily life any product of animal origin such as leather, wool, fur or even beeswax.

Frida or Manon, both teenagers, did not fall on their heads. They are not victims, nor do they belong to a sect. But by friends or relatives, they were convinced. What to do ? To get angry ? When your grandchildren are fifteen and over, what would it be like to be torn apart for a menu affair?

If Manon comes to spend a fortnight or three weeks with us this summer, we agree with her. If she sticks to her diet, she will prepare meals on her own. Let us respect her decision but make sure that she does not endanger her health. Even without meat, fish, eggs or milk, his diet must remain balanced. Maybe she already knows how to do it. If not, it is useful to explain it to him.

Do not hold up, listen, test

Let’s not hesitate to speak with her. Let us ask him the reasons for his new choice. It will evoke animal suffering, especially during slaughter; she will express her wish to fight against intensive breeding and confide her concern for the future of the planet. So many subjects to discuss together, taking care not to add to his anxiety.

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Finally, Manon would surely be sensitive to a gesture on our part. Even if she does not ask us to convert in turn to veganism. Even if she believes that with us the fight is lost in advance. One day, for a meal, at home or at a restaurant, let’s play the game by eating vegetarian or vegan too! Who will be the most surprised: Manon or her grandparents?


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