Must form a coalition to protect press copyrights

With press copyright infringement becoming not only a domestic problem but also a cross-border issue, press agencies have proposed forming an alliance to protect press copyrights.

On the morning of November 5, the Press Department coordinated with the School of training and retraining for information and communication managers to organize a forum “Protection of the copyright of press works” in Ho Chi Minh City.

The press must have a self-defense mechanism

Attending and speaking at the forum, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications (TT&TT) Hoang Vinh Bao highly appreciated the organization of the forum and said that this is one of the activities of the Press Department, under the direction of of the Ministry of Information and Communications, with the aim of implementing the press development project.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications spoke at the forum

According to Deputy Minister Bao, the press is currently developing in the direction of technology (electronic newspapers), so the situation of piracy on electronic newspapers is very much, fast because there is technology application to do this. One reason that piracy is rampant is that the newspapers themselves are not aware of the problem to have a mechanism to protect themselves.

Deputy Minister Bao said that “due to the first time the new websites came out, many press agencies voluntarily gave them away because they had the advantage of technology. Therefore, the newspapers need to review whether they have signed with them or not, otherwise they can conclude that they violate to have a solution ”.

However, Deputy Minister Bao said that violations of domestic websites and websites are not as much as those of external websites and social networks, including Facebook, Google …

Accordingly, Mr. Bao said that in order to fight with external social networks and large corporations, newspapers, websites and technology enterprises … must link together to fight to protect the interests of me.

According to Mr. Bao, each press must have a mechanism to protect itself first. In particular, it is necessary to form a monitoring and review unit to detect traces and violations and compare with regulations to have a plan to handle and protect yourself. But in order to do so, first of all, the newspapers must be serious, do not violate each other’s copyrights, to fight against the violations of other forces.

“In the short term, with its advantages, the newspapers and radio stations should have propaganda about this issue, to create public pressure, protect themselves and limit piracy”, chief commented.

Form an alliance to protect press copyrights

Previously, the Director of the Press Department Nguyen Thanh Lam chaired a roundtable meeting to discuss the violation and protection of press copyright.

Must form a coalition to protect press copyrights
The director of the Press Department Nguyen Thanh Lam said that a coalition to protect press copyright must be formed

According to Mr. Lam, the issue of intellectual property infringement in the country is not as worried as cross-border infringement.

Most, unorthodox websites and electronics today are introduced by Google because they pay Google. Google also typically runs ads on sites with signs of infringement.

“The advertising pie is currently divided by websites and websites, so what chance will there be for mainstream newspapers if they cannot keep the copyright of the work,” Lam said.

According to Mr. Lam, advertising along with other benefits deriving from the works obtained by the press, if there is no copyright protection mechanism, so that the infringement will spill over, the press will not only lose the copyright of the work but also lose the copyright. many other rights and benefits.

Therefore, Mr. Lam said that it is advisable to form a coalition between newspapers to protect each other’s interests, but how it should be discussed carefully.

According to Mr. Le Quang Tu Do, Deputy Director of Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information (PTTH & Electronic Information), it is necessary to form a coalition to protect copyright between newspapers. If a press agency defends its own copyright by itself, it is time consuming and not in line with the trend.

Therefore, Mr. Do proposed that the coalition must form all components such as the press, technology enterprises and representatives of State agencies. At that time, the protection of press copyrights will be effective.

Mr. Do for example, a lot of press agencies are subject to copyright infringement, doing everything from reminders to threats to sue without websites worrying. But when there is a phone call from the Agency, they immediately obey. “Saying so to see that, the alliance needs representatives of State agencies to be effective”, said Mr. Do.

Must form a coalition to protect press copyrights
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Tuoi Tre newspaper Le Xuan Trung spoke at the forum

Sharing the same point of view, Mr. Le Xuan Trung, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Tuoi Tre Newspaper, said that forming an alliance to protect press copyrights is necessary. The more press agencies involved, along with many other relevant agencies and state agency representatives, the more effective it will be.

“We just form an alliance, the details of how it works will be discussed more closely when there is an alliance. In the framework of this forum, if discussing details and details, I fear that there is not enough time and it is not appropriate ”, Mr. Xuan Trung said.

Representatives of the Vietnam Journalists Association said to support the formation of the alliance, but in the short term, it is necessary to train and foster professional skills for press agencies to understand the problem of violating press copyrights, understand the solutions. Legal dealing with the above problem.

Before the proposals of press agencies to form a coalition to protect press copyrights. Deputy Minister Hoang Vinh Bao said that in order for the alliance to operate effectively or not, it is necessary to form a unit and organization that the State allows. “We have to discuss more specifically about forming coalitions, how does the mechanism work? Sitting together must be on the basis of contracts, strict regulations and proper interests ”, Deputy Minister Bao suggested.

The journalism that goes astray is losing its mission

The journalism that goes astray is losing its mission

The journalist, if he goes astray, chases after money and selfish interests, has lost his glorious mission.

Ho Van


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