Musical Diana and Space Jam 2 voted Worst Movie of the Year at Razzie Awards

The recording of the musical, dedicated to Princess Diana and quickly deprogrammed from Broadway, won five statuettes, including those of the worst film and the worst actress at the anti-Oscars.

From the Netflix series The Crown to biographical film spencer which earned an Oscar nomination for best actress to Kristen Stewart, the projects inspired by the life of Princess Diana have been able to appease and seduce critics. The law of the series ended with the infamous musical Dianawithdrawn after 33 Broadway performances.

Its capture by Netflix had the dubious honor of triumphing at the Razzie Awards, the anti-Oscars which distinguish the worst films of the year. Diana has therefore accumulated five trophies including that of the worst feature film, director, screenplay, actress and supporting female role for the unfortunate Jeanna de Waal, who is ahead of Amy Adams tortured in the failed thriller by Joe Wright The woman at the windowand Judy Kaye.

Jared Leto and his award-winning unlikely Italian accent

Another winner in spite of himself of the Razzie, the ugly and soporific sequel to space jam where LeBron James takes up the torch from Michael Jordan and rubs shoulders with cartoon characters Bugs Bunny. The NBA giant won the Worst Actor Razzie for his poor performance in this film which hideously mixes live action scenes and characters from Warner Bros. cartoons. In total, Space Jam: New Eraderided by the organizers as “a 115 minute long commercial for anything produced by WarnerMedia”won three Razzies.

The “Golden Raspberry Awards”, the official name of the Razzies, were invented in a Los Angeles living room in 1981 by former film students and Hollywood professionals. They are traditionally awarded the day before the Academy Awards.

Oscar-winning comedian Jared Leto won the Worst Supporting Actor category for his exuberant performance, wearing prosthetics and toupee and his improbable Italian accent in the controversial House of Gucci by Ridley Scott.

A special category Bruce Willis

The organizers of the Razzies had created a category this year solely dedicated to Bruce Willis and intended to distinguish his “worst performances in a film of 2021”. In these works, generally with very low budget and diffused only in streaming, the icon of crystal trap takes on roles as original as disillusioned sheriff, former policeman, retired general or ex-CIA agent.

None of these films, where Bruce Willis often only appears very briefly but which he actively promotes, won more than 20% positive reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes site, which aggregates ratings from different sources. Rare performance, three of these films (American Siege, Apex and Out of Death) have a score of 0% from critics. Of all these turnips, this is the science fiction story Cosmic Sin which was awarded.

Will Smith, price of redemption

The Razzies nevertheless have a more positive category “the statuette of redemption” which crowns the best comeback. The recipient this year is Will Smith, on track to win his first Oscar this Sunday for his performance in The Williams Methodwhere he portrays the authoritarian, ambitious and egocentric father of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams.

A special mention was also awarded to Jamie Dorman for going from Fifty Shades Of Gray at Belfast by Kenneth Branagh and NIcolas Cage for his troubling role as a hermit cook in Pig.


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