Music: Sia apologizes for not using an autistic person for her film

A petition, signed by 18,000 people, demands the cancellation of the release of the feature film by the pop star, taking it as an affront to the autistic community.

Nominated for the Golden Globes, Music, a film directed by singer Sia, is at the heart of the controversy. This musical tells the story of Zy (played by Kate Hudson), a young drug addict who must become the guardian of her autistic half-sister. A feature film at first sight progressive, but which benefits from a dubious casting choice for some Internet users. The latter reproach the interpreter of Candlestick to have chosen a neurotypical person instead of an autistic person to embody the youngest of the heroine.

A petition which brings together more than 18,000 signatures to date has been launched online to demand the cancellation of the film’s release. “No autistic person was consulted for the film. Stereotypes are used throughout the trailer, and the visuals make people with autism nauseous who would have wanted to see the film. As an autist, I ask that this film be canceled. It is extremely offensive to me and to other people with autism. Sia showed no remorse for her inaccurate and hurtful portrayal of the communitySaid Hannah Marshall, the originator of the petition.

Last November the singer was angry with her detractors. “Holy shit, why don’t you watch my movie before you judge it? “, She notably tweeted. As reported Variety , she finally apologized on February 3, saying she meant “The criticsAround the film – scheduled for February 12 in streaming on the Apple platform – and that a warning sign would be placed at the beginning. In addition, she assured that some scenes would be removed from the feature film. “I’m sorry», Sia also added, before deactivating his account on Twitter.


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