Mr. Trump’s social network just launched has an error, mocked by the Twitter community

Donald Trump’s social network, Truth Social, has been consistently crashing since its launch on February 21.

On February 21, as the United States was celebrating Presidents Day to honor the legacies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump, the most controversial President in history, launched his social network – Truth. Social.

Truth Social had a very successful opening, topping the free apps chart on the AppStore for only a short time. However, that is also the reason why the application is still not stable at least for now. The number of people subscribing to a new platform is not stable, causing Truth Social to constantly fail.

Immediately after the event, many Twitter users took the opportunity to mock the former President and Truth Social. Within hours of its launch, the hashtag #TruthSocial received thousands of Tweets.

“Truth Social will not have any censorship. As long as your posts talk about how great Dear Leader Donald Trump is, your account will remain in good standing. Join us today!”.

“Relax everyone, #TruthSocial will be up and running as soon as Mexico pays for the firewall.”

Those are two of many comments mocking Mr. Trump and his social network. Besides that, there are still Republicans and his supporters on Twitter.

And yet, TRAILAR, a UK-based solar-powered transport company, thinks that Truth Social’s logo closely resembles their brand logo. The head of TRAILAR said they can fight Trump’s social network with legal rights.

Thai Hoang(According to The Indian Express)

Mr. Trump's social network was hacked as soon as it was launched

Mr. Trump’s social network was hacked as soon as it was launched

Just a few hours after it was published, many reporters discovered a hole in the Truth Social social network of former US President Donald Trump.


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