Mr. Tran Dac Phu: ‘The case of a modified CoV strain that is not capable of spreading to the community’

Epidemiologist Tran Dac Phu said that “patient 1435” infected with the variant nCoV strain is a case of immediate isolation, so there is no possibility of community transmission.

“Patient 1435”, born in 1976, a native of Tra Vinh, entered Can Tho airport from England on December 22, 2020, concentrated in isolation in Tra Vinh. The same flight had 305 passengers, of which 147 isolated people gathered in Tra Vinh province, 137 isolators gathered in Vinh Long, 17 isolated people in Can Tho City and 4 isolated people in Ho Chi Minh City.

At noon 2/1, the Ministry of Health announced “patient 1435” infected with a new strain of nCoV from the UK, simultaneously infected with two forms VOC 202012/01 and D614G. This is the first patient on this flight, to be recorded infected with the mutant strain nCoV.

Mr. Phu, Senior Advisor of the Vietnam Public Health Event Emergency Response Center, said the new variant of nCoV discovered in the UK spreads up to 70% faster.

“Fortunately, ‘patient 1435’ was quarantined as soon as after entry, people can rest assured not infect the community,” said Mr. Phu.

However, Mr. Phu emphasized that it is necessary to closely monitor both illegal and legal entries, so as not to let the epidemic spread to the community.

“With the new strain, if not detected early, quarantined in time, in order to spread to the community, it will be very dangerous, because it spreads quickly”.

On the afternoon of January 2, the Ministry of Health also issued a directive, Strongly recommend taking preventive measures Covid-19, especially in immigration control, from now until the Lunar New Year.

The Ministry of Health believes that from now until the Lunar New Year is the peak wave in Covid-19 epidemic prevention. “It is necessary to strengthen the inspection and supervision of the entry conditions and medical quarantine procedures in order to detect early and immediately handle the first cases, not to let the epidemic spread”, the directive stated.

The Ministry of Health requires provinces and cities to develop and implement specific anti-epidemic plans and scenarios; assigning sampling and testing coordination when an epidemic occurs in the area. The localities continue to expand the testing of suspected cases; organize drills, trainings, and improve the capacity of the contingent of supervisors, testers, rapid response teams.

Medical units at all levels are required by the Ministry of Health to closely coordinate with local authorities and police, strictly monitor and supervise quarantine performers in isolated and isolated areas. civilian, home isolation, people out of concentrated isolation.

For people, the Ministry of Health recommends strictly implementing the “5K message”, including Masks – Distance – No gathering – Disinfection – Medical declaration.

The new CoV strain, discovered in early September, in Kent, southeast England, includes many variations. The new strain caused a quarter of cases in London in November, up two-thirds of all cases in December. According to the scientists, the new variant of nCoV is capable of transmitting 70% faster than the previous strains have no basis to show higher virulence.

Currently, many countries have recorded the appearance of the super-infectious mutant CoV strain. More than 50 countries have blocked travel from England to prevent infection.

Le Nga