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MP of Indian origin in New Zealand took oath in Sanskrit, said- it gives respect to all Indian languages

Melbourne: Dr. Gaurav Sharma, one of the newly elected young MPs in New Zealand, took oath in Sanskrit in the country’s Parliament on Wednesday. Dr. Sharma (33) belongs to Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh. Recently he has been elected Labor Party MP from Hamilton West, New Zealand.

Muktesh Pardeshi, India’s High Commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa, said on Twitter that Sharma took a pledge first in New Zealand language Māori, and after that he took an oath in Sanskrit, the language of India, expressing deep respect for the cultural traditions of India and New Zealand.

Sharma did an MBBS from Auckland and an MBA from Washington. He works as a General Practitioner in Noton, Hamilton. He has worked in the fields of public health and policy making in New Zealand, Spain, USA, Nepal, Vietnam, Mongolia, Switzerland and India.

On Twitter, a person asked Sharma why he did not take oath in Hindi. Sharma said that not everyone can be happy, so he thought it appropriate to take an oath in Sanskrit which brought respect to all Indian languages.

Shamean tweeted, “To be honest, I had considered it but a question arose about taking oath in my first language Pahari or Punjabi. It is hard to keep everyone happy. All languages ​​are respected by Sanskrit, so I thought it appropriate to take an oath in it.

Sharma had to face defeat in the 2017 election. This year he defeated Tim Masindo of the National Party.

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