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Movement against vaccine pass started in France, ‘free convoy’ of vehicles reaching Paris

Protest Against Vaccine Pass: Protest against the Kovid Vaccination Pass program has started in France. In protest, dozens of trucks and vehicles left for Paris on Wednesday as a convoy from southern France. A large number of motorcyclists and car drivers are expected to reach Paris on Thursday and Friday as well.

This method of protest is similar to the ongoing protests in Canada by truck divers who are outraged by the inevitability of vaccines when crossing the US-Canadian border and have completely blocked the Canadian capital, Ottawa. .

The impact of the Canadian protests
French protesters have named their movement ‘Freedom Convoy Convoi de la Liberté’, which is a direct translation of Canada’s “Freedom Convoy”. The French Protest is yet another proof of how Canada’s demonstration has inspired anti-vaccine groups around the world, who have called for similar gatherings in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA via social media Is.

Support for protest on social media
The extent to which the protests have spread in France is not yet clear, but the main Facebook group behind the movement has garnered more than 300,000 followers in a matter of days. On Wednesday, members began posting photos of protesters leaving Nice on the French Riviera and packing food for themselves.

In a group of 25,000 members on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, people posted detailed maps for drivers to reach Paris, including meeting points along the way. Protesters are expected to gather in large numbers in the French capital on Friday. While some have called on people to remain in Brussels, the headquarters of most EU institutions.

Supporters of the movement are introducing themselves as opponents of France’s vaccine pass. This is a health passport which was introduced earlier this year. It prohibits people from going to restaurants, theatres, cinemas and other places that have not had the Kovid vaccine.

However, only 8 percent of France’s adult population remains who have not been vaccinated. And the opposition to this pass has been limited, but has sometimes intensified. Last summer, there were weeks of widespread protests against new health pass policies in France.

The government will remove the pass in some time
French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday that vaccine passes would be removed “as soon as the situation in hospitals returns to normal”, which health officials say could happen this spring. Attal said the country is witnessing a “beginning of recovery”, with new coronavirus cases coming down by 35 per cent in the last seven days.

The protest got the support of the opposition parties
The ‘Free Convoy’ of protesters has also received support from opposition parties in France, including far-right and left-wing parties. Marine Le Pen, a candidate for the far-right National Rally in April’s presidential election, said she sympathized with the movement.

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