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People who breathe through their mouth can experience health complications such as bad breath, gingivitis, tooth decay, and even neck and throat infections.

Most people breathe through their nose, however, due to various reasons, many people have the habit of breathing through their mouth. The causes of mouth breathing can be due to body structure, tonsillitis, genetic abnormalities in the nose, tumors and also allergies.

Many people may think simply that breathing through the nose or through the mouth is the same. However, studies have proven that breathing through the mouth has an adverse effect on health.

People with a habit of mouth breathing often have dry mouth, which means that saliva cannot wash bacteria from the mouth. This condition leads to bad breath, throat and ear infections, hoarseness, periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay. According to the US National Institutes of Health, an estimated 50.9% of children with the habit of mouth breathing have bad breath. Mouth-breathers have a higher risk of slurred speech than nose-breathers.

Breathing through the mouth causes bad breath. Image: Freepik

The habit of breathing through the mouth also leads to low oxygen levels in the blood, causing problems with high blood pressure and heart failure. Studies show that mouth breathing also reduces lung function, worsening symptoms and exacerbations in people with asthma.

In addition, mouth-breathers have a higher risk of snoring and sleep apnea. Difficulty speaking and swallowing are also common in people who breathe through their mouth…

For children, mouth breathing if not treated early can easily set the stage for lifelong breathing problems, change in face shape in the direction of a long and narrow face, narrow mouth, shortness of breath, difficulty closing the mouth. , the condition of malocclusion in the teeth.

Sheet Healthline Children have a habit of mouth breathing which can lead to physical and cognitive abnormalities. In addition, children who breathe through their mouth often do not sleep well at night. Poor sleep leads to poor growth, reduced concentration and sleep disturbances.

The study was published in the journal International Pediatrics Chronic mouth breathing has a significant impact on mental health, physical health, besides physiological function, behavior is also affected.

People with a habit of breathing through the mouth can overcome the situation by regularly breathing out and inhaling through the nose, keeping the nose clean, washing the nose regularly; reduce stress so as not to gasp through the mouth; Use a pillow to raise your head when sleeping, exercise regularly, lose weight if your weight exceeds the limit.

Particularly for people with sleep apnea, in addition to losing weight should avoid drinking alcohol; medication to treat sinus problems and congestion.

If you find your nose is frequently blocked due to allergies or respiratory infections, you can use a nebulizer during your travels, use nasal sprays and decongestants, and allergy relievers when you have signs of a cold. allergy.

In addition, the living environment should be kept clean. The most important thing is to consciously practice breathing through your nose every day.

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