Mother with chickenpox, baby dangerous as soon as born

Nghe AnThe baby was born prematurely at 35 weeks gestation, the mother got chickenpox 4 days before birth, so the baby’s health was weak, cyanosis, to support mechanical ventilation.

In the neonatology department, Nghe An Children’s Hospital, the doctor diagnosed the baby with pneumonia caused by chickenpox, rapid breathing, pale skin, no skin rash, poor ventilation.

Another child was admitted to the hospital with severe respiratory failure, groaning, no skin rash, burning nodules, cardiopulmonary x-ray showing pneumonia. Her mother also got chickenpox 3 days before birth.

Doctor Ho Thao Ngoc, Department of Neonatal Emergency Care, on March 17, chickenpox can cause dangerous complications for babies such as pneumonia, brain, skin infection, sepsis, inflammation. dark liver.

Two babies were followed in the Neonatology Department, treated with IVIG (Immunoglobumin immunity) and Acyclovir antiviral to restore resistance.

According to Dr. Thao, chickenpox is an infectious disease that can be spread through inhalation and skin contact. It usually breaks out in March and April due to hot and humid weather. The disease is especially dangerous for infants because the baby’s resistance is very weak. Chickenpox usually spreads very quickly within the first two or three days of a child’s life. The first manifestation is fever, bullae all over the body, depending on the condition of seriousness, the bullae float more or less.

The mother has chickenpox before giving birth within 7 days, the virus will cross the placenta into the bloodstream to cause illness to the baby at birth. At this time, the mother’s body does not produce antibodies to pass through the placenta to the baby. These children infected with vius from the blood so it was severe and the risk of death was high.

Children whose mothers have chickenpox 7 days before birth, need to be hospitalized for monitoring, gobulin immunotherapy, antiviral drugs promptly. Especially dangerous for premature babies, low birth weight, mothers infected with chickenpox virus 4 days before birth, 2 days after birth.

Doctors recommend the chickenpox vaccine as the best way to prevent illness in your child. The mother should have a prevention plan right during pregnancy. Before getting pregnant three to 6 months, you need to get chickenpox vaccine to prevent disease and prevent the virus from spreading to your baby. After the baby is born, this antibody is continued to develop through breast milk. Your baby will limit the risk of chickenpox, at least in the first year.

Chickenpox while breastfeeding or a relative with chickenpox, is very contagious to the baby. Therefore, the mother or a relative of a newborn should immediately isolate it from the baby, stop breastfeeding to avoid viral infection.

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