Mother deletes daughter’s 2 million followers on social media accounts

Not wanting her daughter to be immersed in the virtual life on social networks, a woman living in Brazil decided to delete her Instagram and TikTok accounts, which have 2 million followers.

Fernanda Rocha Kanner (left) and daughter Valentina (right)

Fernanda Rocha Kanner, a woman living in Sao Paulo (Brazil), is the mother of Valentina, famous on social networks with the nickname Nina Rios. Although only 14 years old, Nina Rios is already a famous figure in Brazil, having a huge following on the social networking platforms Instagram and TikTok, with a following of up to 2 million.

However, when mother Fernanda realized that social media had inappropriate and unhealthy effects on a 14-year-old girl like Valentina, she decided to delete the social media account with her own. her daughter’s huge following.

Fernanda herself described her actions as “tough” and a “very difficult decision”, but she still believes it was necessary to teach her daughter a lesson in values. of life, instead of immersing in virtual values ​​on social networks.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to discover self-worth based on feedback and evaluation from the online community, even if it’s for an adult, let alone a teenager like you. my daughter,” Fernanda shared. “When there are 2 million people who have never met you in real life, but they think they know you, it’s dangerous. There are easier ways to love yourself.”

Fernanda said she was shocked to see her daughter’s social media account flooded with selfies and videos of dance moves, which Fernanda said was inappropriate for her daughter’s 14-year-old daughter. .

“I don’t want my wonderful daughter to dance every day with choreography like a trained monkey. It’s a sad thing that the younger generation thinks will make them famous.” , Fernanda shared.

For her part, little Valentina said she was very angry when her mother deleted her social media accounts with a huge following.

“Obviously I am not happy with my mother’s actions. I am very angry,” Valentina shared, and she said that she has not yet decided whether to return to using social networks or not, but it is clear if she does. To do this, the girl will be under the careful supervision of her mother.

After the story of Fernanda and her daughter was published by the Brazilian media, it caused a lot of controversy in the online community in this country as well as in the world. Many people believe that Fernanda’s actions are excessive and violate her daughter’s privacy. Some argue that social networking platforms only ban children under the age of 13, so Valentina is completely old enough to be able to use social networks as she pleases.

However, many other opinions voiced support for Fernanda when she had carefully monitored the use of social networks by her children, instead of letting them use them as they wanted.

The situation of many young people, even in their teens, trying to become famous on social media is very common globally in general and even in Vietnam. In order to become famous and known to many people, many young people are willing to post pictures in “cool” costumes or perform overly sexy choreography… on social networks, which has a significant impact. to the psychology and thought of young people.

According to Dantri/UniLad/SoMag

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