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Mortar attack in Kabul, death of a civilian, no terrorist organization took responsibility at present

Kabul: Mortar shells were fired in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul in the early hours of Saturday, in which at least one civilian was killed and the other injured. Home Ministry spokesman Tariq Ariyan said that two shells were fired in the premises of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. These shells were fired from the northern part of the capital and by a car.

No one has taken responsibility for the attack immediately. Organizations affiliated to the Islamic State of Afghanistan have carried out such attacks before. More than two dozen mortars were fired last month in which eight common people died and 31 were injured.

This organization affiliated with IS is known as ‘IS in Khorasan province’. It claimed responsibility for the attacks in Kabul in recent months.

Female journalist was also murdered
Significantly, recently, TV anchor Malala Maevand, who was fighting for the rights of women in Afghanistan, was shot dead by terrorists. The incident happened when Malala was leaving her home in eastern Nangarhar province in Afghanistan.

During this time, the ambushed terrorists shot him and died on the way to the hospital. No terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack. Terrorist organizations like the Taliban and Islamic State were suspected of killing Malala. Last month, two Afghan journalists were killed in separate bombings in Afghanistan.

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