More than 80% of Hanoi F0 are asymptomatic or mild

According to statistics from the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment, the Ministry of Health, about 80% of current Covid-19 patients in Hanoi have no symptoms or mild symptoms.

Data updated to December 4, in which 4,651 F0 are being treated at the hospital; 3,902 F0 asymptomatic or mild (83.8%). The average patient is 699 people; 50 severe and critical cases; 46 people breathing oxygen masks, glasses frames; two people on non-invasive mechanical ventilation; an invasive ventilator and a dialysis person.

Currently, Hanoi has no patients who need to breathe HFNC (high-flow oxygen) or EMCO (extra-body membrane oxygenation device) – the last “weapon” for respiratory support for critical cases caused by Covid-19 . In a dispatch on December 2, the city government said that currently, the number of serious cases treated at hospitals on the 3rd floor accounts for less than 0.8%.

Thus, the rate of asymptomatic or mild patients in Hanoi is equivalent to the national rate recorded by the Ministry of Health from the beginning of the 4th outbreak to the present.

However, the number of Covid-19 cases in the area has continuously increased in recent days. From November 30 to now, every day the number of cases has exceeded 400. Particularly on December 4, the city recorded 628 cases, the highest in the 4th outbreak. In total from April 29 to now, the city recorded received 13,172 infections, of which the number of community cases was 5,212, 7,960 in the isolation area.

“The increase in the number of cases is something that the city has anticipated in the context of opening up, implementing the policy of ‘safe and flexible adaptation'”, Director of the Department of Health Tran Thi Nhi Ha, said on 5. /twelfth.

The capital government assigns treatment tiers F0 with first floor are primary and home health services; 2nd Floor including 19 district general hospitals, in charge of the city; floor 3 are city-level, grade-I and central-level hospitals. The city develops a response scenario of 10,000, 40,000 and 100,000 infections with the same number of beds on each treatment floor to meet the collection and treatment of patients, as well as instructing F0 to isolate at home and speed up the vaccination schedule. .

In the complicated situation of the epidemic, the city plans to mobilize the private health system, retired doctors, medical students and even the human resources of central hospitals to participate in the fight against the epidemic.

Currently, 94.2% of people aged 18 and over in Hanoi receive at least one dose of vaccine; the rate of people aged 50 years and older who received 2 full doses of injection was 82.33%.

The graph of the number of community cases of Hanoi in a month (from November 4 to December 5), according to CDC.

Thuy An


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