More than 80% of F0 Hanoi are treated at home

Hanoi Center for Disease Control (CDC) on the evening of January 14 recorded 2,993 cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours; More than 80% of patients treated at home.

The Ministry of Health today announced Hanoi 3,029 cases, including previously unidentified patient numbers; no deaths were recorded. As of January 12, Hanoi has 505 severe and critical cases, an increase of 17.4% compared to the average one week ago. In which, 443 cases of oxygen breathing with eyeglass frames, an increase of 20.2%; 18 high-flow ventilators, up 3.3%; 10 cases of non-invasive mechanical ventilation, an increase of 27.3%. In addition, 34 cases of invasive mechanical ventilation, a decrease of 1.2%. There are no patients on dialysis and running ECMO.

Today’s cases are distributed in all 30 districts, towns and cities. Some districts recorded many patients in a day such as: Gia Lam 197; Bac Tu Liem 194; Long Bien 189; Dong Da 184; Hoang Mai 180; Nam Tu Liem 178.

As of January 13, the city is treating more than 55,000 F0 patients, of which more than 44,600 cases are treated at home, accounting for more than 80%. The city’s medical collection and treatment facilities received 1,361 cases, while the district and district collection centers treated 5,834 cases. The city continues to strengthen treatment of mild and asymptomatic F0 at home, reducing the load on upper-level health care so that hospitals can focus on treating people with moderate and severe symptoms.

According to the Department of Health, according to the scenario, when the number of Covid-19 cases increases, up to 3,000 cases a day or more, the health system will treat at hospitals for about 8-10% of patients, the remaining 90%. patients treated at home. Vaccination rate in the capital is very high, continuing to vaccinate the entire population with 3rd dose and booster vaccination for immunocompromised people. Thus, 90% of F0 at this home are mildly symptomatic, asymptomatic and “just infected people”. When treating F0 at home, localities improve primary care, establish contact channels to early detect patients with severe symptoms and promptly transfer to hospital; strictly managed to avoid spreading the disease to the community.

The total number of infections in Hanoi during the 4th outbreak (from April 29, 2020) is 85,577 cases.

Nurse in charge of bringing patients to the Emergency Department, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, December 2021. Photo: Giang Huy

Thuy Quynh