More than 35,000 F0 Ho Chi Minh City are being treated at home

Ho Chi Minh City35,342 F0 are isolated at home, accounting for about 40% of the total number of infections currently being treated in the city, as of September 23.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai, Chief of Office of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health said the above information at a press conference to provide information on the prevention of Covid-19, on the afternoon of September 24. In the past, there were times when the number of F0 for home treatment exceeded 90,000. In total, accumulated as of September 23, the city recorded 129,179 F0 who have ended their home isolation period, 35,342 cases are being treated at home.

According to Ms. Mai, this is the “real number” of F0 at home, mobile health stations are monitoring, managing and taking care of, and if there are serious cases, they will be transferred to the hospital for further treatment. This group of F0 is self-isolating at home for two weeks, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health. By the second week, if the rapid test results are negative, they will be discharged from isolation.

This F0 group does not include the number of home isolation two weeks after the end of hospital treatment.

“Certainly from the beginning of September until now, the number of F0 at home is decreasing, the number of new cases, severe cases, and deaths also decrease. New cases will gradually decrease leading to elimination, while the number of hospital discharges is increasing. gradually,” said the chief of staff of the Department of Health.

According to the Department’s report, in some districts, the number of F0 treated at home is quite high, such as districts 6, 11, 12, Go Vap, Hoc Mon, and Tan Phu. However, some districts have F0 numbers at home, which account for a small percentage of the total number of F0s being isolated, such as Can Gio, Cu Chi, Binh Chanh, Nha Be, and Thu Duc districts. Mai said that this situation has two causes: the number of F0 in the locality gradually decreases over time and people’s isolation conditions at home are not guaranteed.

The Department of Health also asked the question “why?” With the localities, the leader of Can Gio district said that there are families with “four great roads”, the house does not have a separate space for each person in isolation. In Cu Chi, the first outbreak was detected at the hostel. Isolation conditions at the hostel are not guaranteed, forcing F0 to be immediately separated from the very high-risk area. Therefore, these two localities have a high rate of concentrated isolation treatment F0.

The hotline of the Department of Health also received a number of complaints that F0 were eligible for home treatment but still required to go to concentrated isolation. Therefore, the Department of Health recommends that localities continue to deploy and strengthen inspection and supervision of the implementation of the F0 home care and health monitoring model.

“When screening detects an F0, after instructing and providing a treatment package, meet their wishes for home treatment, if they are eligible for isolation and care”, according to the request of the Department of Health. economic.

Medical staff in Linh Tay ward (Thu Duc city) examine and distribute medicine for F0 to treat at home, September 3. Photo: Quynh Tran

Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health Nguyen Van Vinh Chau informed that at a press conference on the afternoon of September 21, there are some localities that have collected all Covid-19 cases into isolation areas.

“Maybe some localities misunderstand that separating F0 from the community to avoid spreading must be put in a concentrated isolation area,” said Chau, and said the city’s policy is that eligible F0s should be isolated. at home.

Yesterday afternoon, the Chief of Office of the Department of Health also said that managing and treating F0 at home is a great and right policy in the new situation of Covid-19 treatment. This model is highly appreciated by the Ministry of Health. The F0s at home have received comprehensive care, the best support to recover from Covid-19 as quickly as possible, achieving the goal of minimizing the mortality rate.

Caring and managing F0 at home and in the community is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s Covid-19 treatment strategies after September 15. In the past time, the city has applied many policies with group F0 at home, including free distribution of medicine bags A, B, C; mental care program via call center 1022, branch 3; network of “Companion Physicians” with more than 1,500 doctors as consultants. In particular, the city is the earliest locality in the country to set up more than 500 mobile medical stations, mobilizing more than 2,000 military medical soldiers to support and examine patients. In addition, this model also has the companionship of the community and society, such as giving medicine and providing free oxygen.

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With the goal of reducing the rate of Covid-19 patients who become seriously ill when treated at home, the Hope Foundation launched the “F0 medicine bag” program. Each donation of 380,000 VND corresponds to one medicine bag. Readers can see details here.


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