More than 31,000 people looking for health insurance in Thong Nhat Hospital have to change places

HCMCSocial Insurance requires people enrolled in household primary health care to move away from central hospitals, including Thong Nhat Hospital.

Exchange with VnExpress On March 5, Mr. Phan Van Men, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance, said that the participant in household health insurance, the subject code of the education, was registering for initial medical examination and treatment at Thong Hospital. Most, it must be changed to another facility as prescribed in Circular No. 40/2015 of the Ministry of Health.

According to Mr. Men, Thong Nhat is a central hospital. Circular 40 stipulates that insurance buyers by household are not allowed to register for primary care services at central hospitals.

From 2015 to 2020, each year, Thong Nhat Hospital asks for consultation from the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, the Ministry of Health, and the Vietnam Social Insurance, to allow the admission of the insured according to the household. sick. Previously, the hospital received more than 175,000 registered people, then reduced each month by about 10,000, now more than 31,000 people.

Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance has proposed Thu Duc City Insurance and districts, agents notify more than 31,000 people to change the place of initial medical registration to provincial and district facilities. District. After March 25, if the cases have not been changed, the Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance agency will change to the facility at the district level where the insured resides.

According to Mr. Men, household insurance buyers are still guaranteed the right to medical examination and treatment as prescribed, and are communicated from the provincial level or lower. If the lower level hospitals cannot be cured, the patient will be able to go to the central hospital and be covered by insurance.

Leaders of Thong Nhat Hospital said that this move is under the regulations of the Social Insurance and other competent authorities, possibly in order to regulate the balance of card codes.

“The hospital shared these shortcomings with people with GD card code,” said the hospital representative.

With the current regulations, Thong Nhat Hospital still accepts registration of medical examination and treatment for all health insured, except for households, with the education code.

Thong Nhat is a first-class general hospital at the last level, directly under the Ministry of Health, responsible for examining, caring and treating high-ranking middle-ranking cadres of the Party, State, and people in the South.

According to the Vietnam Social Insurance Agency, checking and reviewing data on the Data warehouse system, it is noted that a number of provincial and central medical facilities still have a large number of health insurance cards registered for medical examination and treatment. Initially ill with the right subjects according to Circular No. 40. For example, Military Central Hospital 108 has more than 22,000 education cards, Thong Nhat Dong Nai General Hospital has more than 69,000 education cards, General Hospital of Ancient Medicine Hanoi transmission has nearly 9,000 GD cards …

Vietnam Social Security requires provinces to, by March 31, complete the adjustment of the distribution of health insurance cards for initial medical examination and treatment at the facilities.

Le Phuong