More than 300 seaport staff tested and screened for nCoV

Activities conducted by the Center for Disease Control in Ho Chi Minh City (HCDC) in coordination with the Medical Center District 4, District 7, Nha Be implemented on May 11. The staff were screened, blood pressure measured before vaccination and monitored for 30 minutes after injection. Sampling is done in the form of grouping 5 people into a group.

Doctor Nguyen Tri Dung, Director of HCDC said that vaccination against Covid-19 and screening tests for groups of staff working at seaports with elements of contact with sailors are essential because of the risk of infection. Covid-19 of international ships entering and leaving the port and crew on board is the same as at the airport.

“The highest risk group of infection at seaports are the pilots and dispatchers. They have to directly climb onto the ship from the seaport and come into contact with crew members while working,” said Dr. Dung.

Since Covid-19 appeared, the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City has always considered the seaport as one of the gateways for epidemics to enter the city. Vessels moored at the port are considered by Ho Chi Minh City as an “isolation unit”, closely monitored people getting on and off the ship. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to get off the train. Persons permitted to disembark on duty must comply with the principles of safety, complete medical declaration and must have close surveillance cameras for tracing when necessary.

The Department of Health has repeatedly inspected and supervised seaports such as Cat Lai port, Hiep Phuoc port, and Saigon port. HCDC also organizes training courses on implementing personal protective measures for units working at ports and buoys.

The second phase of Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Ho Chi Minh City from April 19 to now has been basically completed. The total number of people injected in this campaign is more than 58,000. All cases of post-injection reactions are monitored, all stable now.

Vaccination against Covid-19 in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Huu Khoa.


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