More than 28 million vaccinations have been misinformed

A representative of the Information Technology Department, the Ministry of Health on the afternoon of June 3 said that more than 31 million people have been granted Covid vaccine passports; More than 28 million injections were misinformed.

A representative of the Information Technology Department assessed that the number of people issued with vaccine passports increased faster than in previous weeks. The number of injections with incorrect personal information decreased from 41 million in April to more than 28 million, as of June 3.

However, this representative assessed that the issuance of vaccine passports was slow because the “cleaning” of vaccination data had not been completed. More than 28 million injections mentioned above have correct citizen identification number, but wrong basic information such as date of birth, full name, and other information.

Data “cleaning” is done by health facilities in coordination with local police, the goal is to match vaccination information with people’s information stored in the national population database, including including identification number or citizen identification code, full name, date of birth… This is a very important step to issue vaccine passports to people.

A representative of the Information Technology Department said that they had checked the reality in Ho Chi Minh City and Tay Ninh, and reported by some other provinces and cities, found that there were many reasons for the delay in the “cleaning” progress. In particular, the main reason is that people give incorrect information when being vaccinated during the peak of the disease outbreak, leading to insufficient information for verification. Besides, the software system plays a very important role, but there are many errors and slow processing speed. In some cases, the information on the vaccination software was correct and matched with the national population database, but the system still reported the wrong information, leading to the health facility taking a long time to verify and screen subjects. .

On the other hand, the “cleaning” of vaccination data requires the participation of many parties, such as grassroots police, health… However, localities do not direct or mobilize other forces to support the cause. slow work progress. The implementation of the direction of the Ministry of Health is still slow, for example, a district health unit in Tay Ninh received the official dispatch one month later than the time of issuance.

People open the PC-Covid application to display the vaccine passport. Image: Chile

A representative of a medical station in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi, said that it is difficult to “clean up” vaccination information and then sign the confirmation to send to the Ministry of Health for many reasons. For example, an agency or enterprise located in the locality comes to give injections, while having a household registration certificate in another place. Therefore, it takes a long time for the local police to contact and verify. Or, when immunizing children, teachers enter data with unclear addresses, children do not have identity cards or citizen identification, which also makes it difficult to compare citizenship information.

Meanwhile, the police agency is still in the process of issuing personal identification codes, synchronizing citizen information including health insurance, driver’s license, citizen identification… Therefore, the unit does not have enough manpower and time to validate vaccination information.

To speed up the process of “cleaning” vaccination data, a representative of the Information Technology Department said that the Ministry of Health has asked all levels to urge the cleaning of data and guide local police on how to handle cases. match the correct personal information but cannot be authenticated with the national population database.

The Ministry of Health also requested that the data be updated according to the citizens’ information on the national population database, in parallel with the localities continuing to update and perfect the vaccination information.

Vaccine passports have been deployed nationwide by Vietnam since April 15, free of charge to all citizens. Passport is presented in the form of a QR code, including 11 fields of information, displayed on the Covid PC application or the electronic Health Book. As of May 12, 27 EU member states and 54 countries and territories have recognized Vietnam’s vaccine passport.



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