More than 20,000 people prepare to rotate against Bac Giang epidemic

Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long on the afternoon of May 26 asked medical schools across the country to prepare more than 20,000 people to alternately replace the anti-epidemic team in Bac Giang.

The Department of Science, Training and Technology, Ministry of Health, will coordinate and train this force to come to Bac Giang to replace the current force. According to Minister Long, the rotation helps enough forces to maintain combat, officials and medical staff who have participated since the beginning of the epidemic until now have the opportunity to rest and regenerate their labor.

As of tonight, Bac Giang recorded 1,520 infections, total Fl 13,173, F2 61,341. Mr. Tu Quoc Hieu, Director of Bac Giang Provincial Department of Health, said that the units support testing 14,052 samples a day (equivalent to 70,000-98,000 samples collected a day). The whole province took 636,764 samples; tested 591,604 samples, now there are 9,032 pooled samples (45,160 single samples) with no results. Thousands of samples have been transferred to 103 Military Hospital, Nha Trang Pasteur Institute and the provincial Center for Disease Control (CDC) to support testing.

Due to the rapid spread of the Indian strain, the health sector has changed the method of “running after” testing to “attacking” by proactively testing and screening. Today, Bac Giang started using antigen testing at 3 high-risk points, in order to detect the fastest nCoV-positive cases to separate from the community. The rapid test deployment force mobilized by the Ministry of Health includes 400 people from the support delegations of Hai Duong and Quang Ninh provinces, supporting Bac Giang.

About 10 units are supporting the testing work for Bac Giang such as the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Bach Mai Hospital, University of Public Health, Hanoi Medical University, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, University of Science and Technology. Military Medical Hospital 103, Vietnam – Russia Tropical Center… In addition, the Quang Ninh CDC and Hai Phong CDC also supported Bac Giang from the beginning of the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health also mobilized many hospitals to support Bac Giang in treatment such as Bach Mai Hospital, Central Tropical Diseases Hospital… Today 13 doctors and nurses from Cho Ray Hospital also brought protective supplies to Bac Giang, supporting the province to set up a field hospital to treat serious patients.

Minister Long affirmed that the view of the Ministry of Health is to provide maximum support to Bac Giang. “The health sector used to give great support to fight the epidemic in Da Nang last year, but this time it has to support at a higher level,” he said.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Truong Son, Head of the Special Standing Department, was given full authority to “send troops” from everywhere to Bac Giang. In addition, it is also necessary to “reverse the army”, arrange so that the medical staff, who have participated since the beginning of the epidemic until now, have the opportunity to rest and regenerate their labor.

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Le Nga