More than 10,000 samples related to the Party Congress tested negative for the 2nd CoV

On the evening of January 24, the Ministry of Health said that the nCoV test samples of the participants, service teams and related people of the Party Congress had negative results for the second time.

As a rule, all attendees and those serving the Party Congress are required to undergo two nCoV tests. Test the first time within 7 days before the meeting, the second time in 1-2 days before the meeting. By 20:00 on January 24, 10 hours before the first activities of the Party Congress, more than 10,000 samples of nCoV for the second time were all negative.

“In the context of complicated epidemics in the world, it is still necessary to take full measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic”, stressed Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long. Ministries, branches and localities pay special attention to preventing cases from outside entering Vietnam.

“Every citizen needs to be alert, detect and notify the authorities of cases of no isolation to ensure a safe environment during the meeting, contributing to the success of Dai. Festival and celebrate the New Year with peace, “said Minister Long.

The Party Congress took place from January 25 to February 2 in Hanoi. In which, the preparatory session was held on January 25; Official opening on January 26. The total number of delegates attending was 1,587, the most in 13 National Party Congress.

Le Nga