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More than 100 National Guard Corona positives attended by Biden’s swearing-in

There is a big news about Corona from America. American officials were quoted as saying that Corona positives have been found in more than 100 National Guard tests in Washington.

All of these were deployed for security during Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. Corona cases in America are the highest in the world. Therefore, this news is going to raise new concern for America. However, the Biden government is taking a number of tough decisions to overcome the corona.

All travelers coming to America will have to stay quarantined

Let me tell you, as soon as Biden has sat on the presidency and after assuming power, the new Biden government has issued an order that all those coming to America will have to remain quarantined. After the test, the negative report will be allowed to go ahead only. This order will be applicable to every passenger coming to America. In the US, wearing masks in buses and trains is mandatory in public places. This order was already issued. The Biden government has taken these swift decisions to control the corona wreaking havoc in America. Biden announced his strategy on Corona even before the oath.

America’s total infectious figures crosses 250 million

The country most affected by Corona is still not seeing any significant improvement in the situation in America. The total number of infected in the US has gone up to 20 million 53 million 042. At the same time, the number of people who died due to this epidemic has increased to 4 lakh 24 thousand 177.

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