More people died after receiving Covid-19 vaccine in Thanh Hoa

On November 25, Thanh Hoa Province’s Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control said that the 30-year-old woman who had just died, a worker at Kim Viet Shoe Company, had a reaction after receiving the Vero Cell vaccine.

She is the third person to die after vaccination in Nong Cong district on November 23. After 400 workers of Kim Viet Shoe Company were vaccinated with Vero Cell vaccine, health authorities recorded more than 30 people showing unusual symptoms. Of these, 5 were seriously ill and were diagnosed with an anaphylactic reaction.

They were given first aid by a doctor of Nong Cong District General Hospital and a quick-response medical team, then transferred to the Provincial General Hospital for treatment along with many workers with mild symptoms. However, on the morning of November 24, after hours of emergency treatment, two female workers aged 29-30 died; The third person died in the afternoon of the same day.

According to the leader of Nong Cong district, people with abnormal signs after injection are in the age group of 25-30, most of them are women. There are still 9 people being treated at Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital, in which one case has a severe prognosis. Some people with milder symptoms are being monitored at the district hospital, their health is stable.

On November 23, Nong Cong district and some localities in Thanh Hoa injected people with Vero Cell vaccine, but only workers of Kim Viet Shoe Company encountered unusual developments. The professional council and authorities have investigated the cause, but have not yet announced information, the number of vaccine batches as well as the source of vaccine supply, the vaccination process at Kim Viet Shoe Company…

According to Trinh Huu Hung, Director of Thanh Hoa Department of Health, all those who registered for the vaccine that day were screened and advised by medical staff about this vaccine and possible reactions. When the incident happened, the hospital mobilized the best equipment, drugs and human resources to treat the patient, but the three people were in too severe a condition and progressed too quickly to survive.

Kim Viet shoe company where the incident occurred after vaccination against Covid-19. Photo: Le Hoang

Ministry of Health has just requested Bach Mai Hospital to urgently send an emergency team, doctors, nurses to actively resuscitate, and provide support to Thanh Hoa to promptly treat cases of vaccination problems. The ministry also requested medical examination and treatment facilities in the province to coordinate and focus all resources on health monitoring, emergency and treatment for them. Immunization establishments are required to self-inspect, assess, review and overcome unsafe risks; if not, it will be temporarily suspended for supplementation and correction.

Leaders of Nong Cong district said that the locality had stopped injecting Vero Cell vaccine, and other vaccines were still deployed as planned. The district is mobilizing and coordinating with relatives to take care of the afterlife for the deceased, supporting each family with 50 million VND; Kim Viet shoe company supports each family 100 million VND and considers supporting the child of the deceased victim until the age of 18.

From April 27 to now, Thanh Hoa has recorded a total of more than 2,000 Covid-19 cases, of which more than 1,000 have been cured, and 12 have died. The province has injected more than 2.3 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Le Hoang – Le Nga