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Hai PhongNearly 9 months with her husband to treat lung cancer and brain tumor, Ms. Uyen (54 years old) constantly encouraged, made her husband psychologically comfortable and the disease gradually became more stable.

Detecting cancer from pox nodules

Mr. Ngo Van Duy (Duong Kinh, Hai Phong) was diagnosed with lung cancer in early May 2021 during a visit to a hospital in Hai Phong. Over the past year, Mr. Duy’s health is stable, eating and drinking always feels good, life is happy. He said, feeling the body has no signs of a sick person.

During a random visit to the hospital for surgery on a pox tumor, the doctor ordered tests and announced that Mr. Duy had lung cancer, the tumor was quite large. Anxiety and bewilderment since hearing the news followed him forever. He and his wife, Ms. Vu Thi Uyen, started researching and asking friends to find out how to find the best treatment. At that time, due to fear of the Covid-19 epidemic, the family still hesitated to go for treatment.

A few days later, Mr. Duy had a strong convulsion and a headache. The face is suddenly disproportionate, the mouth is distorted on one side. “At that time, I was also worried, but I could only encourage him to stay calm. The next day, the couple brought their luggage to Tam Anh Hanoi General Hospital to find a way to treat the disease,” Ms. Uyen said.

Podiatric cysts, followed by lung tumors, and at Tam Anh Hospital, a couple over the age of fifty received more news that they had a brain tumor that was progressing – this was also the cause of the convulsions and mouth distortions he encountered. right.

After 2 days of specialized tests, Dr. BS Vu Huu Khiem – Head of Oncology Department, Tam Anh General Hospital in Hanoi, said that Mr. Duy was suitable for immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy, so his family decided to go with this method and follow the doctor. On May 21, the patient received the first immunotherapy, on the second infusion, his health deteriorated, body aches and felt tired for nearly a week.

TS.BS Vu Huu Khiem examines a cancer patient. Illustration provided by the hospital.

“I still vividly remember the second infusion, after being monitored at the hospital for a few days, my husband and I went home. It was late afternoon, my husband was tired, had a fever and complained of a severe headache. I was just afraid that he would get sick. reaction to treatment drugs. Only went to the doctor to find out that he had a headache because he had a headache,” said Ms. Uyen.

Mr. Duy has persisted in treatment for more than 8 months now, with 8 drug infusions. Each transmission with him is an unforgettable journey. He said, the first few times after the transmission, the pain was very severe, the body was tired and could not lift up. After that, the body gets used to not feeling anything, sometimes just nausea. However, thanks to his trust and adherence to the doctor’s treatment regimen, he has recovered well so far.

Before treatment, the patient's lung tumor was 4 x 5 cm in size, after 4 cycles of chemotherapy, the immune system at Tam Anh Hospital was only fibrous.

Before treatment, the patient’s lung tumor was 4 x 5 cm in size, after 4 cycles of chemotherapy, the immune system at Tam Anh Hospital was only fibrous.

Motivation from “strangers”

During the treatment for brain metastases lung cancer, Mr. Duy only lost the first stage of falling into depression and anxiety. His secret is thanks to his wife, children and especially thanks to the encouragement of many “strangers”.

Not wanting her husband to collapse when she heard the news of “u husband u”, right from the first day of treatment, Ms. Uyen took phone numbers of cancer patients who had been cured. “Every day, I call them to know how they have been treated, how is their health now. Almost everyone is happy and enthusiastic after the treatment. There is a doctor in Hai Phong, far from my house. 5 km, before he also had lung cancer. After treatment, he was surprisingly healthy. Even in the past 6 years, he did not get sick, gained weight steadily, “Mrs. Uyen said.

Ms. Uyen brought stories of “real people, real things” to her husband. The rain soaked for a long time, he was less worried and cooperated with the doctor to treat. “My family’s life has not changed much during the whole process of my husband’s treatment, every month the husband and wife take a bus to Hanoi for treatment, then return. At Tam Anh hospital, doctors and nurses take care of me. At home, my husband lives normally, the children still go to school, go to work. My son has just graduated from university, the whole family still motivates each other with such joy and trust,” Ms. Uyen said. said.

After nearly 9 months of treatment, Mr. Duy’s health is stable, eating well and returning to his pre-disease weight. Currently, Dr. Vu Huu Khiem said that the brain tumor has disappeared and the lung tumor is only fibrous, with a good prognosis. From July 2021, the patient improved his mouth distortion, his face returned to normal.

According to Ms. Uyen, during a healing journey, she always encourages her husband to be optimistic and happy and both of them can do it. For the grandparents’ family, optimism and comfort are important medicines for people with cancer. If you are closely monitored by a doctor, have a good regimen, good medicine, but if you let your mind down, the treatment process will be greatly affected.

“I hope my family’s story will give encouragement to other cancer patients. When going to see a doctor, the patient should have absolute trust in the treating doctor, don’t believe in drifting remedies. Besides trust, optimism, love of life will help us recover faster,” added Ms. Uyen.

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