More and more companies are embarking on apprenticeship

Apprentices learn cooking with a chef in Bosmie-L’Aiguille (Haute-vienne). Illustrative photo. (THOMAS JOUHANNAUD / MAXPPP)

The number one in real estate, Nexity, has just announced the opening of the sector’s first training center for apprentices. A few weeks ago, System U launched.
For these apprentices of a new type, those who take courses provided by companies, the information not to be missed is that it is free. And they come out with a real diploma: a professional qualification certificate, or even, as in the case at Nexity, a certification equivalent to bac + 2 or bac + 3, depending on the chosen course. As for the opportunities on the job market, they are obvious. If it is not the training company which hires them directly, which is most often the case, it is the companies in the same sector which do it, sometimes competitors.

We can no longer count the companies that rush into the opening created by the law of 2018 on the freedom to choose his professional future. All sectors are concerned: cooking, hairdressing, the environment, energy … Areas where the traditional system of national education did not train enough young people, or quite simply more, or in an inappropriate manner to the real needs of businesses.

With lessons controlled by the rectorate and once again with diplomas recognized by the State as a result. The administrative formalities to launch these CFAs have been dramatically reduced. We no longer go through the region, no longer need its administrative authorization, but through the professional branch. Another novelty: teachers. In the CFA launched by Nexity, the group’s employees designed the training and provide certain courses. This approach had become essential: some real estate trades are considered “under strain”: we can no longer find enough candidates on the job market for job offers, despite the crisis.

Companies therefore train their own apprentices because they cannot find the right candidates. Take the CFA of chefs. He trains people in the kitchen. It was created by four industry mastodons, Sodexo, Adecco, Korian and Accor. Together they recruit 11,000 people a year in the kitchen. They could hire 4,000 more. But they don’t do it because they don’t have the right profiles. Hence the creation of this training center for apprentices.

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