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Mordana claims – our vaccine 94% effective, sought permission for emergency approval in US, Europe

Washington: The Mordana company that is making the Corona vaccine will request emergency permission in the US and Europe. Mordana manufacturers claim that the vaccine has been 94.4 percent successful in the final trial. Also, there is no complaint about the side effect of the vaccine, according to the company.

The biggest news during the Corona epidemic is the vaccine. Many companies of the world are in the third phase of trial of Corona vaccine. Serum and Oxford are also developing vaccines in India. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited all the institutions associated with the manufacture of Corona vaccine in India.

Mordana claimed that the use of his vaccine has been tried on people of different age groups, race, gender, countries. The company claimed that the vaccine is 100 percent successful in preventing the disease from becoming serious.
Let me tell you that Mordana is the second company to seek emergency permission to sell its medicine from America. In addition to Mordana, Pfizer has also sought emergency permission to launch its vaccine in the US.

Please tell that around 14 lakh 70 thousand people have died due to corona epidemic worldwide. In India, more than 1.25 million people have died due to corona. The world is waiting for the vaccine with great hope so that they can live a normal life again.


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