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Mobilization in BTS: can the exams take place in person?

The mobilization continues behind the hashtag #BTSCONTROLECONTINU. For several weeks, thousands of students in the Higher Technician’s Certificate (BTS) have been relaying it on social networks to obtain their exam this year in continuous control, and not face-to-face, in view of the epidemic situation. An appeal partially received by the government.

Catch-up session granted by the ministry

The Minister of Higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, said on April 16 “Open, on an exceptional basis, a remedial session for the current year for all candidates who have not been able to validate their diploma”, And this “In order to take this very specific context into account”.

The layout of the exam does not satisfy the group of “BTS in distress” students, created for the occasion. “The government seeks to appease by taking into account only part of our demands, he regrets in a press release. (…) Inevitably, the reviews will be the source of future Covid-19 clusters. “

“Not all candidates have a school record book, so the fairest thing is to maintain classic tests”, justifies the Ministry of Education to The cross. BTS students would not be the only ones in higher education in face-to-face in the coming weeks.

Exception for health studies

A special regime has been established as part of the third confinement of the country. The Prime Minister’s decree dated April 3 thus imposes that no examination takes place in establishments until May 2 inclusive; instructs teachers to postpone the tests planned in the meantime or to organize them remotely. The only exception: “Examinations organized for the issuance of diplomas sanctioning health training” can be maintained on site.

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“Nothing justifies being treated in different conditions from other students, deplores Loona Mathieu, vice-president of the National Association of Medical Students of France (ANEMF) in charge of higher education. Some of us also have aggravated risk factors in view of their internship: they may be confronted with sick or vulnerable patients. “ The entrance exams to the grandes écoles scheduled until May 2 can also be held face-to-face.

50% of students present each week

Until May 2, school officials say they are ready to organize end-of-year university exams. Since the first epidemic wave, they have been sharpening their reception systems under the threat of Covid-19. “We’re starting to take a step back, confirms Guillaume Gellé, president of the University of Reims-Champagne-Ardenne and vice-president of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU). We have a strict sanitary protocol, which defines the reception capacities, the distances to be respected between students, the management of entry and exit flows without mixing and the cleaning of the sites. We are therefore confident about the organization of face-to-face exams. “

Even if the indoor tests are postponed in May, students still pass the door of their establishment, in compliance with a 20% gauge. In Reims, one in two would come every week, that is to say the average share noted in the country.

“Those who stay at home sometimes ask us about the reception system for exams, we reassure them about the possibility of coming in conditions of absolute security”, reports Guillaume Gellé. “We had some complaints in the context of postponement of examinations, but it remains very marginal, abounds François Germinet, president of the University of Cergy-Pontoise. The students, overwhelmingly, understand that from the moment the sanitary conditions are ensured, the face-to-face examination is the guarantee of the quality of their diploma and of fair treatment. “


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