Mobile World makes landlords choose to reduce rental prices or liquidate contracts

This is the content of the latest dispatch sent by Mobile World to its space leasing partners. The move of the “upper door” of this retail system made many people angry.

Recently, there have been continuous whispers related to the story of payment of ground costs of Mobile World Joint Stock Company.

Accordingly, right from the beginning of August 2021, this retail system has sent an official dispatch to a series of partners who are tenants of the premises to inform about the non-payment of rent and non-payment of 100% of the cash rent. during the time when the shop must be completely closed, not doing business as required by the state agency.

At the same time, The Gioi Di Dong also unilaterally declared not to charge 70% of the rent and only pay 30% of the space rent during the time the store was restricted from selling to coordinate epidemic prevention.

Explaining this decision, Mobile World believes that having to temporarily close or restrict sales has caused the stores of this system to generate no revenue or decrease revenue, affecting the situation. business activities.

The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic caused many Mobile World stores to close to comply with social distancing requirements. Photo: Trong Dat

Notably, along with the above announcement, Mobile World unilaterally implemented the content of this document without the consent of the owner of the rental space, making many people angry.

According to Mr. Tran Ky Mui – a partner for Mobile World to rent space in An Nhon (Binh Dinh), in the contract signed between the two parties, there is no clause stating that Mobile World Joint Stock Company can arbitrarily reduce the price. rent premises during the Covid-19 epidemic without the consent of the lessor.

“I know that the Covid-19 epidemic has affected the business of businesses, but that is not why Mobile World wants to reduce the price by itself, regardless of the opinion of the lessor. home. This is too absurd and does not respect the signed contract,” Mr. Mui shared.

Not only the case of Mr. Mui, many landlords who are the leasing partners of Mobile World have also continuously spoken out on social networking sites and expressed their dissatisfaction with the above move.

Mobile World makes landlords choose to reduce rental prices or liquidate contracts
Citing the reason for closing due to force majeure conditions, Mobile World has issued a written notice of non-payment or payment of only 30% of the space rent to its partners. Photo: Trong Dat

In response to these comments, Mobile World recently sent a new dispatch to space leasing partners. The content of this dispatch is to reaffirm once again the decision not to pay rent for stores that have to close and only pay 30% for stores with restricted sales to coordinate epidemic prevention.

Along with this affirmation, Mobile World also attached an “ultimatum”, asking the partner to respond before October 25, 2021 so that the two sides can come to an agreement on the reduction of the rental price. during the period affected by the disease.

According to the content of the document, after October 25, 2021, if there is no response from the partner, Mobile World will carry out the contents announced in the official dispatch in August 2021 by itself. Along with that, The Gioi Di Dong also said it would expedite procedures to liquidate the lease contract under the force majeure conditions stated in the signed contract.

Trong Dat

The contract is mutually agreed upon, cannot blatantly cut the partner's money

The contract is mutually agreed upon, cannot blatantly cut the partner’s money

Mobile World’s arbitrariness to reduce space rent due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic may face a lawsuit from its partner.


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