Mobile phones: deadlines soon to be extended to terminate your insurance

This change could avoid bitter disappointments for people who are victims of forced sales of insurance. From the summer of 2023, insurers should give consumers more time to stop paying for mobile phone insurance or other affinity insurance they have recently purchased, the Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF) announced on Thursday. attached to the Banque de France.

This committee, which brings together representatives of financial institutions and consumers, unanimously adopted an opinion recommending extending the waiver period from fourteen to thirty days from the date of subscription to these insurance contracts sold in addition to the sale of appliances or other products.

The opinion of the CCSF, a prelude to a formal commitment by insurers, follows the recommendations formulated by the Mediation of insurance. Last year, this body sounded the alarm on the fact that individuals found themselves committed to paying for cell phone insurance they did not think they had taken out and denounced forced sales.

Better chance of being able to react

In early April, the fraud crackdown revealed suspicions of telephone insurance broker, Indexia, of engaging in “deceptive marketing practices”.

“We may find that the period of one month is still relatively short. But we still give people a better chance of being able to react in the event of forced or concealed sales, ”reacts the insurance mediator, Arnaud Chneiweiss.

Deceived consumers often realize that they unknowingly purchased insurance when they see an unexpected charge on their bank account. But this deduction can take place well after the subscription and especially after the current waiver period because distributors can offer free periods to facilitate the sale.

To deal with this situation, the CCSF recommends that the waiver period begins to run from the moment the consumer begins to pay.

More than 40 million contracts affected

In line with the opinion of the CCSF on Thursday, insurers are also preparing to align the conditions for the termination of many insurance contracts with those already in force for motor insurance contracts, home insurance or even health insurance.

“More than 40 million insurance contracts, from the 1er July 2023, may be terminated at any time by the insured after the first year of subscription”, underlined Thursday the federation France Assureurs. This particularly concerns life accident cover and legal protection contracts.

However, the principle of termination at any time after the first year is not valid for provident insurance contracts (disability/incapacity/death), dependency contracts, school insurance contracts or electric scooter insurance contracts. .

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