MobiFone in the Top 10 prestigious technology companies in 2022

The ranking is independently implemented by Vietnam Report (VNR) based on the results of assessing corporate financial capacity, corporate reputation in the media and surveying opinions from a number of research subjects and stakeholders. agency, implemented in June 2022.

Overall assessment of the Vietnamese market, Vietnam Report said, the economic picture in the first months of 2022 has been bright colors. The Covid-19 pandemic is basically under control and the production and business activities of most businesses have returned to normal.

Solid development based on 3 digital platforms

VNR’s data also shows that in the period 2020-2025, MobiFone has made breakthrough steps from a telecommunications service provider to become a technology company, developing strongly in three areas. areas: Digital Infrastructure, Digital Platforms, Solutions and Digital Services. In particular, the year 2022 marks the impressive development of MobiFone in the role of a provider of digital infrastructure/services/solutions to provide the market with outstanding quality digital products and solutions and bring high-quality digital solutions to the market. many imprints.

Regarding digital infrastructure, MobiFone focuses on data growth, increasing coverage commensurate with its leading operator position; value integration through services: payment, advertising and e-commerce while developing mobile brands for young people.

About Digital Platform/Digital Solution: The spirit of “Make in MobiFone” is highly promoted with a set of digital transformation products for businesses (Smart Sales, Smart Office, E-invoices, MobiFone Meeting, E-contracts… ); promote digital finance/digital payment with MobiFone Money service; accelerate the digital transformation of the small and medium-sized enterprise sector on the basis of digital technology application and development; 4G/5G connection, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain (blockchain), Internet of things (IoT), Big Data; deploy digital office, digital business management system. In March 2022, MobiFone also participated in the digital transformation support program for small and medium enterprises of the Ministry of Information and Communications, playing the role of a digital enterprise accompanying and leading the digital transformation support program.

The Digital Content segment is associated with MobiFone’s digital infrastructure and spans the fields of Digital Education, Digital Health Care, Digital Advertising, Online Games with typical services: Clip TV, Mobi Edu…

Trusted digital transformation consultant

Besides, MobiFone also aims to enhance information safety and security by focusing on developing mobile device security solutions; developing IoT and 5G network security solutions, ensuring compliance with Government regulations. Many digital technology products and solutions of MobiFone have been recognized with prestigious national and international digital conversion awards, and MobiFone has been approved by the Ministry of Information and Communications as a core enterprise deploying 15 national digital platforms. family.

The representative of MobiFone shared that the Covid pandemic is both the cause and the direct driving force behind the sweeping digital transformation trend. Before, during and after the pandemic, MobiFone has always been firmly in the Top 10 prestigious technology companies in Vietnam in 2022. MobiFone is proud to have joined with the nation’s leading digital enterprises to play a leading and pivotal role in the process. digital transformation, always contributing to the brightest part of the economic picture.

MobiFone has been trusted and selected as the digital transformation consultant of many provinces, cities and large enterprises in key fields such as banking, finance, insurance, tourism… Vision to 2035, MobiFone aims to To become a leading provider of digital infrastructure, solutions/platforms and services in Vietnam and internationally.

“With the mission of a leading information technology enterprise, MobiFone always strives constantly, raising the bar to reach global standards with a clear and coherent digital transformation strategy, closely following world trends. gender. The achievements have pushed MobiFone firmly on the digital transformation roadmap, providing the most advanced IT and telecommunications solutions, making a positive contribution to socio-economic development and the National Digital Transformation Program. “, a representative of MobiFone confirmed.

Pearl league


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