MobiFone continues to be in the top of the most profitable enterprises in Vietnam

MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation continues to be in the leading group when participating in the “Top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam in 2021” announced by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report). October 15, 2021.

Positive contribution to Vietnam’s economy in 2021

The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic is a difficulty not only for telecommunications businesses but also for Vietnamese businesses in general, profoundly affecting all aspects of economic and social life. Businesses have to face great challenges due to the outbreak of the 4th epidemic, find ways to restore production and business, and bring the economy back to recovery.

In the context of many difficulties and challenges, MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation quickly developed a strategy to cope with the new situation, ensuring efficient production and business activities. This has helped MobiFone to be honored in the “Top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam” for 2 consecutive years, and at the same time to be one of the three most profitable telecommunications enterprises in 2021 (according to the ranking of the top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam). Profit500).

The ranking of 500 Vietnamese enterprises with the best profits is based on independent research and evaluation results according to international standards of Vietnam Report, with the advice of prestigious domestic and foreign experts, determined annual publication period from 2017.

To have a high position in this ranking, MobiFone has had impressive business results. In 2020, total revenue of MobiFone reached VND 30,812 billion, profit after tax reached VND 3,744 billion. In particular, with its contribution to the State Budget, MobiFone is honored to be in the top 10 enterprises paying the most taxes in 2020, reaching VND 4,617 billion.

MobiFone continues to be in the top of the most profitable enterprises in Vietnam

The “light doors” in the context of the pandemic

Although the period of 2020 – 2021 witnessed many challenges for businesses, MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation together with other telecommunications businesses always strive to bring solutions for economic recovery and development in the future. the “new normal” phase.

MobiFone determines to build sustainable value of the business from quality products and services, from the investment in the development of modern technology, and especially from the trust of customers and partners. partner. Thanks to that, not only being the top 50 best enterprises, MobiFone brand in the second half of 2021 has been named in a series of prestigious awards “Top 10 prestigious technology companies”, “Top 10 industries”. digital services – retail strong brands in Vietnam 2021″,…

With a focus on transforming into a technology company, promoting “make in MobiFone” products and services, MobiFone aims at comprehensive digital transformation. This will be a breakthrough transformation step, turning challenges into opportunities, in which making full use of the progress and creativity of digital technology for socio-economic development, contributing to building a Vietnam. prosperous, mighty.

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