MobiFone confidently participates in building a national digital transformation platform

Possessing sustainable experience potential, a series of typical digital technology solutions, and effective practical applications in many agencies and businesses are the reasons for MobiFone to confidently assume the key role in developing 5/6 platform groups. Country number conversion.

On December 11, at the National Forum on Development of Vietnam Digital Enterprises 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications announced 35 national digital transformation platforms assigned to Vietnamese digital technology enterprises to chair and research. , development and deployment. In particular, MobiFone is assigned the core task in 5/6 national digital transformation platform groups, including platform groups: Digital infrastructure platform, Digital government platform, Digital transformation platform for the field health – education – culture – society, Finance – banking – business, Agriculture – transportation – logistics – industry and trade.

As a “leading” technology enterprise in Vietnam, MobiFone has many conditions to confidently complete this important task. As affirmed by the representative of MobiFone, “MobiFone is committed to always accompanying the Government, Businesses and People in the process of National Digital Transformation, towards the future of Vietnam becoming a Digital Nation in a comprehensive manner. “.

Leading with platforms serving Digital Government and digital society

According to the National Digital Transformation Strategy, the Government of Vietnam orients to a comprehensive digital transformation with 3 main pillars: digital government, digital society and digital economy.

In fact, since “digital transformation” has become the main keyword in the development orientation of all industries and fields for sustainable development, MobiFone has been one of the units that actively offers many solutions to support digital transformation. efficient numbering.

With a team of experienced researchers and technology engineers and modern infrastructure and facilities, MobiFone has been and continues to launch many products specifically for a complete model of digital government. . Currently, MobiFone has 9 complete solutions and systems, ready for testing or even actual deployment.

Typical is the e-Gate electronic one-stop software solution. This is an important component of the Provincial/Cities e-Government Architecture Framework, which is the “backbone” solution of e-government, with complex data structures that are intelligently and logically processed to have can replace most of the usual basic administrative tasks.

MobiFone confidently participates in building a national digital transformation platform

Along with that, MobiFone introduced a centralized electronic digitizing storage solution software system on the basis of Big Data in accordance with ISO 14721:2012 – Open Archival Information System, which was approved by the national archives of the United States, Australia, and the United States. UK and advanced countries in the world apply. Solutions such as Smart Broadcasting, Management software for cadres and civil servants, etc. are also an effective arm to support administrative management, personnel management and organization, public services, and information. effectively propagate, optimize costs and save the national budget.

In the medical field, MobiFone is constantly developing IT systems, Mobile apps to support medical declaration, tracing infected people: Ncovi.MobiFone, SelfTracking, medical declaration number 8889, support people affected by the epidemic (support programs, donating masks and medical hand sanitizer, donating funds,…).

MobiFone’s mark in education digital transformation is the MobiEdu online school solution. The outstanding point of this solution is that it is not only aimed at learners and lecturers, but also opens up many opportunities for businesses to develop training products, providers of educational content…

Business “guide” on the journey of digital transformation

Recognizing that many Vietnamese enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, were still confused on the digital transformation journey, MobiFone soon led the market when establishing a high-tech research center to soon launch a series of solution packages. solutions for businesses, supporting the fast and convenient digital transformation process.

With a series of technology solution platforms, MobiFone comprehensively and fully equips businesses to be ready to switch to a new mode of operation methodically and synchronously from document management to human resource management, including: Office Digitization products MobiFone Smart Office (Ecosystem of products to support the administration and management of office activities, administration, human resources and enterprise selection); MobiFone Smart Sales and Customer Care products; Electronic Invoice Solution meets Circular 78 of the Ministry of Finance MobiFone Invoice; MobiCA digital signature solution; MobiFone Cloud cloud infrastructure platform;…

“With MobiFone’s solutions, businesses can operate 100% online from discussions, group meetings, sign submissions, financial management, human resources… without any obstacles,” a MobiFone representative affirmed.

At the same time, many services that take into account separate needs and financial capacities for businesses are also “made by MobiFone” in flexible platforms and applications with virtual server solutions, security solutions, etc. from business security to specialized tasks such as digital signatures or smart invoices… MobiFone’s technology solutions have been applied in practice in many small to large enterprises and have shown specific effects.

Thanks to a system of outstanding technology platforms and products in 3 key areas: Digital Government, Digital Society and Digital Economy, MobiFone has left a distinct mark at the National Business Development Forum. Vietnam digital technology 2021.

In particular, 4 products of online video conferencing solutions – MobiFone Meeting, MobiFone Smart Sales business administration products, telephony monitoring solutions and Smart Broadcasting solutions have excellently entered the Top 10 Awards. Excellent Digital Solution, Top 10 Excellent Digital Platform, Top 10 Excellent Digital Products and Top 10 Closing the Digital Gap Award.

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