Mobiado launches Forma Dong Son collection

Mobiado has just launched the Forma Dong Son collection with 3 versions, exclusively for the Vietnamese market, produced in a limited quantity of 100 pieces for each version and distributed by Miluxe Boutique.

Recreate the beauty of a brilliant civilization

Collection of Forma Dong Son includes 3 versions: Forma Dong Son Quang Xuong; Forma Dong Son Co Loa; Forma Dong Son Dac Glao, inspired by the patterns of bronze drums in Quang Xuong, Co Loa and Dac Glao, corresponding to the three regions of Vietnam: North – Central – South.

This is not the first time, bronze drum motifs appear on Mobiado products. The company used to resonate with Professional 3 GCB Dong Son with Ngoc Lu bronze drum motifs. The launch of the Dong Son Forma collection this time is a clear demonstration of the diverse beauty of Dong Son bronze drums.

Mr. Peter Bonac, chairman of Mobiado, shared: “I’m sure any designer or person who works in the field of fine arts when seeing the Dong Son pattern system will also be mesmerized. Because there is no need to understand. With all the cultural and historical depth, the beauty of that pattern system is really attractive.”

The different versions of the Dong Son Forma collection are reflected in the motifs of each type of bronze drum.

Mobiado launches Forma Dong Son collection
Forma Dong Son Quang Xuong accurately reproduces the face of Quang Xuong drum with a floating 8-pointed star (symbolizing the shining sun), surrounded by 7 patterned rings.
Mobiado launches Forma Dong Son collection
Co Loa bronze drum with a 14-pointed star in the center of the drum, decorated with peacock feathers between the wings and with inscriptions (inscriptions)
Mobiado launches Forma Dong Son collection
Dac Glao bronze drum with a 10-pointed star symbolizing the sun and power, and many delicate patterns have also been cleverly arranged by Mobiado.

Forma Dong Son production is limited to 100 pieces for each version. The machines are not numbered, but only “Limited to 100”. The number 100 is associated with the legend of “hundreds of eggs hatch one hundred children” and the origin of the Dragon, the grandchild of the Vietnamese.

Masterpiece in crafting

Besides cultural value, Forma Dong Son is also the latest generation of luxury feature phone, with 4G and Wi-Fi. In accordance with the criteria worthy of a collector’s item, Forma Dong Son is crafted like a high-end Swiss watch with a 316L steel frame, high durability and good magnetic resistance. The entire body of the machine is CNC engraved, then hand-polished to the “mirror” level. This processing technology helps the textures on the machine to be dark – light, shallow – deep, reaching a realistic and vivid level that simulates the surface of an antique bronze drum.

Mobiado launches Forma Dong Son collection

The body is covered with 3 layers of plating, the first layer is rose gold, the second layer is PVD to prevent corrosion and abrasion, and finally, a transparent hard coating helps the chassis achieve high durability.

Forma is a rare machine in the world that uses sapphire crystal on the front, with a total sapphire weight of up to 174 carats. With sapphire keys, the manufacturer has to spend 60 hours crafting each key. Like high-end watches using crocodile leather straps, Forma Dong Son covers the top and bottom of the movement with fine South American crocodile skin. The special chocolate sapphire color is only available on the Limited edition.

In the midst of an exciting technology race, when just a few months is enough to make a phone obsolete, luxury feature phones like Forma Dong Son have become collectible and nostalgic items. like a mechanical camera or a phonograph.

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